Within the LLP-funded project “FIERE”, partners carried out a users’ innovative entrepreneurship skills survey between July and October 2014. For Italy, CESIE coordinated the survey, which aimed at gaining a level of understanding of the entrepreneurial skills and behaviours of employees from public, private, community & enterprise and voluntary sectors. In total 53 responses were collected from 27 organisations of which 30% are not-for-profit NGOs and associations, followed by community enterprises at 22%, for profit businesses also at 22%, public sector (at 7%) and voluntary organisations (at 4%). This report addresses a number of key themes including demographics, entrepreneurial background, skills needs analysis and the value and benefit of accreditation of a skills training programme. The key findings from Sicily show how for most respondents their role required them to be passionate about their work (99%), resilient (100%), proactive (98%), analytical (100%), and decision-makers in their role. According to all respondents, innovation/creativity and employee resourcefulness are considered to be the most important skills within their respective organisations.

These results will support the development of an entrepreneurial skills training programme aimed at increasing the capacity and capability of individual employees to behave, think and act more entrepreneurially which will be delivered in each FIERE partner country in the course of 2015.

Target Groups: Regional policy planners, managers, administrators, community and voluntary organization, NGOs, higher education institutions, entrepreneurs, teachers.