Exploring Links between Trafficking and Labour Discussing Migration and Gender in the Context of a Pandemic

Thursday 7 January 2021

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On the 10th of December, CESIE together with its project partners organised the Final Conference of the Tolerant project in order to present project’s main findings and foster international dialogue about social and labour integration of victims of trafficking. Within this framework, special attention was given to the links between trafficking and labour, also discussing migration and gender related issues in the context of the recent health crisis.

The Conference represented also the right occasion for presenting the results achieved so far concerning the labour integration services carried out by TOLERANT partners in each partner country. As emerged from the presentation, we have been forced by the health crisis generated by the Coronavirus to adjust our service provision and thus to offer new concrete solutions for supporting vulnerable women under those circumstances. Although employability remains a constant issue, the Tolerant team managed to support VoT developing fundamental skills to enter the labour market in their respective country of stay.

During the full-day event, practitioners and experts from different part of Europe had the chance to share their own experiences and learn from each other. In particular, four thematic workshops were delivered in the afternoon session giving way to positive and constructive debates over the following topics:

  • How to strengthen transnational cooperation and exchange on the topic of labour market integration for VoT;
  • The struggles behind 24/7 care work;
  • How to support undocumented workers;
  • Supporting trafficked persons accessing the labour market during the pandemic and beyond (focus on Austria, hosting country of the online conference)

Among other things, the organisations working with/for migrants in Austria and the European partner organisations get informed of the local context of countries represented in the workshops, casting a light on the most relevant problems that characterize service provision and labour integration for VoT before, during and after the Covid-19 crisis.

Within the conference framework, participants pointed out that all people have (labour) rights, no matter if they are undocumented. As emerged from the debate session, support services for labour integration reserved to victims of trafficking are lacking in many EU countries, as well as adequate legal provisions aimed at facilitating victims’ economic and social empowerment. Furthermore, getting in contact with potential victims and offer legal counselling also represent a major concern, especially in the aftermath of the social marginalisation and economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

For more information about TOLERANT please click the link https://cesie.org/project/tolerant/ or contact Guido Savasta sending an email to the following address: guido.savasta@cesie.org.

About the project

TOLERANT – TransnatiOnal network for Employment integration of women vicTims of trafficking is co-founded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union.


The project involves six organizations:

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