Women’s rights in East Jerusalem

Thursday 24 November 2011

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Promoting Peace opportunities through ending exploitation of women’s rights in East Jerusalem: a Palestinian-European-Israeli partnership (2010/2012) is a project EuropeAid call 129205 – Investing in People – Gender Equality

This EuropeAid project coordinated by the organisation Al-Maqdese aims to raise the awareness of Palestinian women on their rights, who have experienced and are threatened with displacement. To accomplish this, the project provides support and training to facilitate the realization of these rights. The project also aims at empowering women economically, documenting their experiences and join the international objective of improving the status of women through the development of their economic, social and psychological situation. The project see the implementation of vocational training, documents the experiences of the women, and implements international and local advocacy initiatives in support of Palestinian women and their rights.

The project is implemented locally and internationally, in Jerusalem and Italy, in partnership with the CESIE.

For further informations please contact Marie Marzloff marie.marzloff@cesie.org

Please find in attached some material in Italian and English versions developed through this project:

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Book of stories

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