Who’s afraid of peace?

Tuesday 1 June 2010

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CESIE expresses concern about the continuing escalation of violence in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Who’s afraid of peace?

Doubts about the blitz that stopped the direct humanitarian shipment to Gaza

nave cooperantiThe six ships en route to the Gaza Strip were charged with motor wheelchairs for the disabled, medicines, cement, bricks, timber, generators for electricity, desalination and water purifiers, tents for displaced people, a hundred prefabricated houses, children’s food, toys, clothing for a total of over 15 million of euro.

There is a voice message that arrived from the journalist Angela Lano, one of the six Italian activists survivors of the fleet dispatch aid to the Gaza Strip, stopped by deadly Israeli blitz.

We all know well the chronicle of the tragedy, we saw the news, heard on the radio, read from the international news agency. We are outraged, we shivered, we were angry in the face of violence so blind, almost mechanical.

But slowly the shock that we took when we heard the news was replaced by a broader reflection.

And then on the one hand, we wondered what meaning could have such an operation of war, characterized by pure violence, oriented to block staff cooperating internationally, to block humanitarian aid, to destabilize even more the territory and a population proven by decades of daily violence, by check points to make four kilometers, from a life under control, to the life of continual terror.

But Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems more and more stuck in the “fear” of the peace party and the continuing escalation of violence in this continual and asymmetric war.

CESIE – Center for European Initiatives and Research, for his part, testifies to its closeness to the relatives of the victims, condemning the methods and motivations that led the offensive army, in international waters, against an initiative of solidarity and cooperation.

Violence begets violence, and one cannot seek peace, a peace shared, constructed, raising walls, occupying territory, unilaterally controlling water resources and spreading reciprocal hate.

Israeli Jews, Palestinian Muslims and Christians can and must live together. And this is the only possibility of peace, acceptance, understanding, promotion of mutual cultural and religious differences. There is no other way.