International Day of Nonviolence

Thursday 30 September 2010

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Following the speech of Vito La Fata, the President of CESIE, on the news  “Telegrammi della nonviolenza in cammino” of the Research Centre for peace of Viterbo by Peppe Sini.


Danilo Dolci

The International Day of Non-Violence is observed on 2 October, the birthday of Gandhi.  During this day, we also remember the work and the commitment of Aldo Capitini and Danilo Dolci, because through their memory, we can commit ourselves to build a a more sympathizing and fair world.

We can’t forget all people who live in violence or war situation , in which they lose the right to live and the peaceful living together. We can ask ourselves,  without falling into the rhetoric of sentences or forced speeches, about nonviolence value and the relation between humanity and  reality.

So, we celebrate this day to promote a culture of peace, tolerance, comprehension, interculturality and non violence. This day becomes an important way to develop critical conscience in grass roots and to pay attention to peaceful relationship between people, culture and countries both at  International and National level.

We can spread nonviolent  message to schools, institutions and among young people and in the decision-making places of politics.  A politic world that sees too  away from people’s interests, especially from undefended people.

We have to create education initiatives to believe in social value of nonviolence. We can play a significant role to show important experience in this field.

I want to conclude with nonviolent activist’ words, that fought against mafia and corruption in Sicily. Danilo Dolci said: “who objects that until now in history structural changes weren’t possible through nonviolent methods, that have never existed nonviolent revolutions, it is necessary to answer with new experimentations in order to show that what hasn’t existed yet in a complete way, can exist. It is necessary to promote a new history” (from Don’t you hear the smell of smoke?, Laterza 1971, p.90).

Public information and awareness are important concept to reaffirm the universal relevance of nonviolence term. Today, we can testify our experience.

Vito La Fata