Storytelling through photography: the EU-CARES analog photography workshop

Monday 10 June 2024

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Photographs. How many images do we expose ourselves to every day? Dozens, hundreds. Photographs that we take ourselves and whose meaning we overlook. Each of them, however, has a powerful message, and we often give up a chance: to tell a story, to influence the reality of the world with our gaze.

The work of the workshop “Storytelling through photography” was largely reminding participants of this power. Coming to crown the path of EU-CARES in the development of techniques for storytelling, the five-day workshop invited participants to tell the urban conflict in images. Images to choose with care through disposable machines, whose limit of shots inspired careful reflections.

Beyond reporting, the workshop explored more introspective photographic types, portrait and still life. The diversity of the group was a breeding ground. Migrant and refugee adolescents took pictures together with university students, teachers and third sector professionals, creating photographs with strong expressive and aesthetic charges.

Between improvised poses, film rolls and red darkroom lights, the participants met during the various sessions. A deep encounter around a collective search, each bringing its own gaze. The poetic frame of the Kamera Photo Lab laboratory did the rest. Its atmosphere of concentration, serenity and peace inspired the participants to a more precise and sharp approach to the normal panoramas of life. A necessary attention to tell, and re-tell.

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EU CARES – EUropean Collective narratives for Reconciliation and trauma healing through youth engagement and Storytelling is a project funded by ERASMUS-YOUTH-2022-CB, Erasmus+ Capacity Buildin. EU-CARES aims to empower youth workers and increase their competences to foster youth participation and engagement, intercultural understanding and solidarity and contribute to the reconciliation process in the Western Balkans through storytelling.


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The EU-CARES vernissage: urban conflict in analog photography

The EU-CARES vernissage: urban conflict in analog photography

I would photograph double-parked cars, fancy parking lots, crosswalks, broken pipes, dirt, debris, falling buildings and murals. These images, which emerged from EU-CARES’ “Storytelling through Photography” workshop, depict urban conflict on the way from home to work. The Kamera Lab analog photography workshop displayed the participants’ creations, attracting and engaging passersby.