The CESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives is carrying out New Twin Dissemination Seminar on town twinning. This initiative comes from the idea of promoting and innovating the concept of Town Twinning, a project co-funded by the European Commission within the Programme “Europe for Citizens”, Action 1.2.2. which involves organizations of civil society and municipalities in the integration process of the European Union. During the meetings it will promote the exchange of ideas, proposals and activities that can encourage cooperation and development of new Town Twining projects .

Prior to the meeting, the NewTwin Manual will be developed collecting innovative ideas and good practices in order to revitalize the relationships among cities. The meeting will bring together municipality representatives from 7 European countries (Latvia, Denmark, Romania, France, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy).

The CESIE is looking for two participants from Italy who will take part in activities from 14th to 18th of November. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

• Be representative of some of the Sicilian Regional Municipality;

• To work or have an interest twinning projects or similar European projects;

• Fluent English.

This meeting is a great opportunity to share the different experiences of the other municipalities and so to learn together. At the same time it will offer the chance to meet new partners and create networking.

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For further information please read the invitation or contact Maja Brkusanin: