Creating bridges between universities and the handcraft society

HANDS project aims at creating a bridge between the craft society and the academic world providing more employment opportunities to graduates in the field.

Inclusion in play: a fundamental right for children

The PINC project addresses the gap of accessibility in children’s play by developing and piloting a targeted education programme for future teachers and educators.

Our research has been accepted by the EMAB 14th conference

During the last months, the LIVERUR project has been focusing on key issues such as digitalization, Covid-19 response and rural resilience: we have been working at a research paper whose abstract has been accepted by the EMAB 14th conference, learn more about it!

SAGESSE: 3 public events on the impact of the project on higher education in Tunisia

The SAGESSE project is now approaching its end. If you want to learn more about the impact it has had on universities and Higher Education sector in Tunisia in these 3 years participate in the latest events!

Sustainable development and inclusive community to regain harmony with Mother Earth

Respect for our planet starts with each one of us, rather than with individual governments. Celebrating Mother Earth Day

Higher Education and Research

The H2020 CO-CHANGE project

The H2020 CO-CHANGE project

A brief talk with René von Schomberg about RRI. René von Schomberg Philosopher and STS specialist Currently Guest Professor at the Technical University of Darmstadt He holds PhD’s from the University of Twente (NL) (Science and Technology Studies) and J.W.Goethe...