EuropeforCitizensCESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives opened nominations for 3 youngsters from 18 to 25 years for the Newtwin Project – Forum for Innovation of Town Twinning (European Commission, “Europe for Citizens” Program – Action 1.2.2).

Newtwin wants to promote and innovate the concept of “Town Twinning”, twinning among municipalities, thank to the creation of an handbook setting out innovative ideas and good practices in order to revitalize the relations among cities.

For this reason the project will involve voluntary youngsters from 8 different European countries (Latvia, Denmark, Romania, France, Bulgaria and Cyprus) in a youth forum that will be held in Palermo from the 01 of July to the 08 of July 2011. During the forum the participants will present the twinning among municipalities history in their cities and they will work together in order to develop innovative ideas, sharing good practices and knowing the reality of the other European countries. In that way the youngsters will be protagonists and active so they can identify new twinning opportunities that can be useful for their needs as citizens.

Giving voice to new generations through the Forum will allow the revival of twinning relations among cities and the development of innovative activities that will promote active citizenship and inter cultural exchange.

The final handbook, created by CESIE with the partners support, will present the twinning stories among the cities and the innovative ideas emerged in order to encourage municipalities to revitalize the twinning, pointing out the possibility to create new partnerships with other organizations and using the role of the volunteers to organize new activities and exchanges. The handbook will be presented during the second meeting called “Dissemination Event”, seminar where will be involved the heads of municipality and civil society in order to promote and implement, for the future, the emerged innovative ideas.

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