Are you interested in becoming a sports trainer for volunteers? Apply to Sport for Change free training course!

Monday 11 May 2020

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Are you interested in becoming a sports trainer for volunteers? Apply to Sport for Change free training course!

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Are you interested in becoming a sports trainer for volunteers? Do you want to acquire the skills, pedagogical methodologies and non-formal educational tools necessary to support volunteers in organizing and implementing sports activities?

CESIE offers a training course based on your learning needs and your interests in the sports and voluntary field.

The course, carried out by the "Sport for Change" project was originally conceived as a one-week intensive course in Malaga, Spain. Given the recent developments related to Covid-19 and the consequent restrictive measures to combat the pandemic, the training course has been readapted for online use.

The new structure features 3 training modules delivered mixing face-to-face online sessions and "homework" to be carried out in between the sessions.

The course will be held from the 25th May to the 14th June. Below, at the end of the article, the structure, duration and content of the training is portrayed. The content will be integrated with your contributions, collected when completing the registration form.

Requirements to participate are:

  • knowledge of the English language at a level which enables it to actively participate in training.
  • A computer and a good-quality internet connection
  • 18+ years.

Structure, duration and topics of the course

Module 1: volunteering, general information.

25-31 May 2020 approximately 9 hours.

  • General / basic definitions: what it means to be volunteer and volunteer
  • Responsibilities and rights (including the voluntary agreement between the volunteer and the Organization)
  • Education in values, depending on the place or context (interculturality, diversity, respect, gender, etc.) in which the volunteering activity takes place.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • General safety knowledge (how to identify safe areas, who to contact in the event of an emergency, how to respond in the event of an emergency)
  • First aid course (basic knowledge)
  • General rules of "cooperation" between the organization and the volunteer.

Module 2: volunteering in sport, sporting events and public events

June 2020 approximately 7 hours.

  • What is the general / basic information on Sports and Events that all volunteer trainers should know? Such as:
    • The origin of sport.
    • The importance of volunteering in sport
  • What is a sport event?
    • What are the steps to planning a successful sporting event and the details that a sports volunteer trainer should know when organizing a sporting event.
    • Specific roles and tasks before, during and after the event for all staff and volunteers involved
    • How much of this information and how it will be provided to the volunteer.

Module 3: pedagogical tools of non-formal education.

June 8-14, 2020 approximately 9 hours.

  • Basic information on non-formal education
    • Principles of non-formal education
    • Methodology
  • Learning styles
    • The importance of learning styles when designing a training
    • Different learning styles: Davild Kolb
  • Learning games
    • What is a learning game?
    • The importance of creating a good atmosphere in the group
    • How to use learning games
    • Types of learning games and examples
  • Recognition, validation and certification of competences (RVCC)
    • How to do it
    • Examples of RVCC tools

Would you like to participate in Sport for Change free training course?

Register by filling in the form by clicking here.

Registration deadline 15th of May.


For more information on the project, the training proposed here and other opportunities for involvement in the world of sport and volunteering, contact Ettore Costa,

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About the project


 Sport for change is a project co-funded by the European Commission. During its 12-month implementation, it provides various mobility and exchange activities between sportsmen, volunteers and sports professionals from 4 countries: Italy, Spain, Poland and Guatemala.

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