13 September 2016

  1. What is CESIE all about?
  2. What does CESIE offer?
  3. As a young citizen, how to apply for an internship period at CESIE’s office [in Project Management, Office management, Translation and Interpreting or Communication and new media], whom should I contact?
  4. As a professional team member, [youth, staff working in adult education, Vocational Training and Education, Schools and Higher Education Institutions] how can we benefit from a mobility Learning Experience in Palermo? What’s the learning offer and related learning objectives?
  5. As an Entrepreneur, [newcomer or experienced] how can I benefit from a professional exchange experience in Europe?
  6. I’m a school teacher, at my institution we are willing to open up at new teaching and learning methods and are keen to integrate EU whole-school-approaches into our local context, what resources are made available for us by CESIE?
  7. I’m working at a Vocational Education and Training centres, we are looking for innovative methodologies oriented to the access to employment, to the retraining and improving of the vocational skills of our trainees, what’s out there for us?
  8. I represent a Public Authority, what’s CESIE’s experience in fostering cooperation with authorities at all levels to ensure sustainability to your Studies and Initiatives?
  9. Me and my organisation would like to be part of CESIE’s partnership Network, how to join?
  10. What are the current grant opportunities at EU level in education, youth, sport, citizenship and research?
  11. We have an interesting project idea/proposal to share in view of a currently open EC call, whom may I contact at CESIE?
  12. What kind of formal accreditation has CESIE and therefore eligible as accreditation, certification and/or qualification body?
  13. I’m curious about stories and testimonies of other youngsters, where can I read more about Learning Experiences to get inspired and motivated?
  14. I would like to learn more about CESIE’s activities in other continents, where can I find the info?
  15. I’m looking for guidance, training and teaching material with a focus on the various innovative methodologies, how to access CESIE’s archive?
  16. What are CESIE’s main research areas and themes of interest?
  17. I’m interested in the activities of one of CESIE’s Units, and the applied educational methodologies, where to know more about?
  18. I would like to be always up-to-date with CESIE’s activities and opportunities, how to be in touch?
  19. How to be ‘social’ with CESIE? Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Google+.
  20. I’m interested in activities that focus on a specific target group and/or tackle a specific topic, how to filter my interests?

For any other question, don’t hesitate to contact us