Some time ago I arrived to Palermo with my backpack and all of my energy in order to initiate a nine-month European voluntary project.

This project is called “Able like you 3” and me and other volunteers offer our dedication in many centres for people who are disabled and give our support in the everyday activities in which guests get involved. The centre where I am doing my EVS is called “cooperative La Fraternità”; here I offer every day my support in some different ways.

What I like the most in this job is that small acts and daily actions such as drawing, eating, listening music… become a great experience full of learning and fun, not only for them but also for me. Now, thanks to this experience I am able to see the beauty and delight of every small act that before I couldn’t experience in such a strong way.

For me, being a volunteer means sharing pieces of my life with other people, it’s a moment of personal growth which allows me to change the word “disability” into a positive one: “ability”.

The ability that all of us have is to make a big difference with our actions.