I completely changed my daily life six months ago. I remember how scared I was when I put my feet on the ground of Sicily. People are scared of unknown and unpredictable. I was one of them, but fears wasn’t only feeling what I experienced. High level of excitement and happiness was running truth my body. I knew these months will reshape me. And they certainly did.

EVS for me surely isn’t vacation. It’s a time when I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone countless times, faced various difficulties and emotionally got knocked down on my knees. It brought to light and made me aware of my worst personality traits. I learned a lot about myself and world which is totally contrasting from my previous one. My perspective of life have become wider and more objective.

Every each of these ups have been loaded with happiness, adventures and joy. Dozens of great moments with spectacular, kind and fascinating people from all over the world. This multicultural environment have highly increased my tolerance and taught how to embrace persons who are different than me.

After this time here I feel that I absolutely love Latvia, my home, so much as never ever before. I think, only experience abroad can really open eyes and make truly grateful about motherland. Of course, I admit my daily life here is much less stressful than it was back in Latvia, but I will never say that life for me is better in other country.

Voluntary work abroad has thousands shades of hundred colors. It’s something unbelievably remarkable. Filled with hundreds of life and mind changing lessons. I encourage everyone who’s under 31 to take a break from daily life,to be brave and to be curious. To do EVS.

Solvita Krauja, Latvia