Few months ago, I took the last chance to do an EVS experience seen I was 30 years. And the first thing that came to my mind is that there is no age to learn, and there are many different ways to learn.

I see how efficient can be to learn by doing. In this EVS, I’m learning differently than during my studies. I don’t say that volunteering is easy, because in volunteering you often face challenges, and sometimes are very tiring. What I mean is that in volunteering, you are learning by doing, and this is quite different from studies, in which you just sit, receive some knowledge, don’t have possibility to see how linked it is with reality. In volunteering, we can try, make mistakes, but the important thing is willing to learn, to improve. The staff is prepared to make you feel enough comfortable and secure to be able to put yourself into challenges, that will make you bigger at the  end. You are choosing your mission: So you can choose the tasks you are going to do, according to your needs, to your motivations. As well, you can have opportunity that your tasks evolve.

I wanted to know more about migration situation, because I felt that I was disconnected from an important reality, and I wanted to be supported in this way. I know that I was able to design some activities for young people, regarding to my different experiences. So I searched and found opportunity with CESIE, here in Palermo where I can combine the 2 topics : design of activities to give a hand to people in migration. So if I had one wish about volunteering, is that everyone of you present here take one day opportunity to live this kind of experience. Because you will evolve. You may see the reality quite differently after this, you will be bigger coming back in your country, and you will probably want to engage in something to make better our societies. And you will find yourself at this place one day, sharing how amazing was your experience to other people, like you now!It will be a pity that you miss such an experience to connect and make friends with people from all around the world. We see that we have differences, but we are all the same, we all are human beings that want to live in peace and enjoy life respecting everything and everyone around. The world is only one creature. We need to get aware of this in our life, and keep it clear in mind as often as possible.

Remi Pires