Maria: learning to collaborate thanks to an EVS projectAt the beginning I thought that the EVS project could be a good opportunity to combine volunteer with travel. Personally, the spirit of the volunteering in local communities is something that is perfect for my way of thinking. I believe that supporting the local network of social facilities and getting in touch with the people is something really important if we want to live in friendly human size functional society.

I decided to apply for Energy+ project not only for these reasons, but also because I wanted to come to Sicily, an island that I knew only from the Italian movies and from school.

I carried out some activities in a community in which there are twelve teenager migrants from Africa. They live in a fully occupied house. They go to school and some of them work. The daily life is full of opportunities of nice educative discussions. Of course, there is not always easy. There are moments of explosive anger and moments of silent calmness. Adolescence is a hard period in a humans life. Adolescence without family, money and love can be really terrifying. These boys have gained their life and nothing is given to them from granted. I really admire their will to live and fix their lives.

I feel quite positive about my project. I also organised with the other volunteers some activities and workshops regarding the possibility to acquire more digital competences (word, power point) and also some activities outside the centre, like going to a museum or visiting a monument.

The most significant things about my EVS is that I learned working and collaborating with people coming from different countries that have a completely different social background. Different traditions and culture are enriching my personal growth. Generally speaking EVS is a nice experience and I would advise young people to apply for.