Hi everyone. My name is Alejandra Hidalgo and I am 27 years woman from Valencia, Spain. I studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Castellon.

This EVS adventure started after graduation when I wanted to find work. However, it was not easy. In some cases I lacked experience and in others I did not have the skills they need, such as knowing languages.

While I was looking for a job a friend told me about European Volunteering. I started reading about the program and it seemed very interesting to me. Especially because it was a way of acquiring new skills, both personally and professionally. You can gain hope and above all learn a new language and get to know a culture.

Searching the Internet I saw some CESIE projects, including an EVS program focused on ​​communication. I immediately sent my CV and I really have to say it was the best decision I ever made.

I have been working in the Visibility and Communication Department for three months and I have learned not just the Italian language, but also technical skills in graphic design, photography, editing and video editing.

The work environment is one of the strengths of this EVS program, as it is a young environment where you work with innovative and current ideas. But above all, it’s an international environment, where there are so many people from all over the world. Here I have been able to improve my communicative skills in English and Italian, and I have also learned some words in other languages.

Constant group work also allows me to absorb all the different aspects of the job, from graphic design to web design and community management. You learn everything here and it’s an enriching, positive and stimulating atmosphere . Everyday I try to give the best of me, although I like to learn from my mistakes as well.

On the other hand, living together is definitely another great aspect of this experience. I live with five girls, each of them from a different country, so there are so many things that you can experience and learn from this experience that I can not explain in one sheet.

Palermo is also a city that welcomes you from the first day, the weather, the people and, of course, its beautiful beaches.

I’m sure that at the end of these nine months at CESIE, I will have learned a lot and I will be very confident when I start looking for a job.

By for now I promise to take advantage of the best experience and generate all the positive impact I can!

Alejandra, Youth Mode II EVS Volunteer