Dawda describes his volunteering experience at CESIE

Thursday 8 July 2021

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Hi everyone, I’m Dawda, I’m from Gambia. I live in Palermo and I like it because it is a beautiful place.  I chose to participate in this project because I wanted to be personally involved in helping others and using my time to be useful for those people who needs support. Thanks to CESIE, I started my volunteer experience. 

During these two months, I supported different solidarity and voluntary activities targeting to local people and people with a migrant background. I worked in a team with different people during my volunteering project. I really like the people who were explaining to me all the activities they carry out to help people in need.

In addition to this, I participated in two workshops with the other volunteers, it was very important for me to grow personally and professionally. In the first workshop, we worked together on transversal skills (such as time management, humanity or honesty) and we discussed about stereotypes. My favourite activity in this laboratory was working with the computer, for example how to save files, how to create a presentation or send an email. This was very helpful. 

In the second workshop I participated, that was about sport, we did different activities with the ball, but we also asked ourselves why sport is important in our daily life. 

In conclusion, it was a great experience that allowed me to become better in various areas. In the future, I would like to deepen my digital skills and play football in similar projects. 

I recommend everyone to have a volunteer experience because it is important to help others, because we don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow, and the good we give today will come back to us in the future.


Volunteer of European Solidarity Corps (ESC) – Project: Mapping Solidarity

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