Young people and communities: building strong relationships and new perspectives


16 June 2022


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On June, 16th from 13.30 to 20.30 a formative and informative event promoted by CESIE on the theme of the inclusion of young people in the communities will be held at the PYC of Villa Trabia. The meeting is aimed at both educational staff and young people in the area, and includes some practical sessions of play and experimentation of recreational activities, including a path of orienteering.

The role of young people in our society is fundamental, because from their active participation and responsibility towards their peers and the community derives the necessary impulse to make the context in which we live more inclusive, supportive and dynamic.

However, the well-being of the community cannot be separated from the individual well-being of the young people. In fact, it is necessary to value young people and make them aware that they are an important resource for the community,  providing them with opportunities to experiment themselves, acquire greater self-awareness and develop various skills to promote their inclusion, education and work placement through their involvement in recreational, sports and cultural activities.

Today the themes of sociality and social inclusion require an increasing attention, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, and highlight the need for paths that offer young people new spaces in which to socialize, discuss and develop or consolidate skills often taken for granted but necessary in a constantly evolving and increasingly demanding society.

How can the role of young people be concretely promoted? What are the best practices for social inclusion? How can young people contribute to the well-being of the community?

In the light of these considerations, we invite you to participate in the event “Young people and communities: building strong relationships and new perspectives” which will be held in Villa Trabia on June 16, 2022 from 13.30 to 20.30 and to take part in the discussion and learn about the proposals offered within some projects promoted by CESIE.

The analysis of the relationship between youth and community will explore, on the one hand, the relevance of young people as role models for their peers, and on the other hand, the importance of the role of educators, youth workers, social workers and sports coaches in the empowerment of young people and will culminate in the identification and implementation of some practices of inclusion and active participation that can be proposed to young people to make relevant experiences in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The event will be held according to the following agenda:

  • 13:30 – Welcome to the event “Young people and communities: solid relationships and new perspectives”
  • 14:00 – Volunteer pathways in the development of resilience among youth – PAClife project
  • 17:00 – Recreational activities for the development of socio-emotional skills – ActiveGames4Change Project
  • 20: 30 – End of event

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The event is finished.