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YES-SI: Youth Empowerment for Social Inclusion Methodology

The document provides a theoretical, methodological and practical background for the areas of youth work, civic engagement and Social Innovation Education

Comprehensive Sex Education in school – Launched the LoveAct project

Launched Love Act, the project that aims to talk about sex and relationships with young people across Europe without taboos. Developing a holistic and inclusive program, Love Act has already initiated a Sex-Ed local Council.

AP8 – Capacity Building Report – Training for youth workers

The Capacity Building for Youth Workers report is a useful product to get an overview of topics such as active citizenship, disinformation, fake-news and how to combat them, e-democracy tools, and policy monitoring tools.

REBUILD – Training Toolbox on project design

This Toolbox is intended to offer youth workers and other practitioners working with young people the tools that they need to facilitate project design sessions with young people, to help them turn their ideas into reality.

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LangMOOC – Toolkit

LangMOOC – Toolkit

The LangMOOC toolkit is a collaborative product developed by the LangMOOCs project consortium, addressed to language teachers and learners, system administrators, service providers, educators and educational policy-makers for languages schools and training centers to use Open Educational Resources and MOOCs for language learning. This toolkit, divided in 6 chapters, is a guideline that contains the core elements of a Massive Open Online Course and Interactive Language Learning Environment.

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