CESIE in the World

The world is only one creature

Connecting continents is part of CESIE’s strategy in reaching our mission.

Creating partner networks outside Europe is to enhance our capacity in international cooperation and to expand the opportunities of European programmes to international targets and beneficiaries – to raise awareness about European values, to share experiences and prevent social exclusion.

CESIE’s extended geographical coverage and numerous partners all around the world play a role in reaching our Vision as we strongly believe in the cross-cutting of organisations cooperating in different fields and sectors. Therefore we have established a wide network composed by civil society organisations, universities, schools, research centres, public authorities, youth and training centres, enterprises and entrepreneurs.

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Our long-term goals in India, Senegal and Nepal

  • To increase awareness that the educational sector results a key element for a smart and sustainable development
  • To contribute to the development of youth and adults’ personal and professional skills
  • To increase the awareness of the importance of social development addressed to respect the fundamental social and individual rights
  • To promote the effective participation of the community in activities aimed to improve the health status and the wellbeing understood also as development of the cognitive, affective and relational capacities
  • To promote educational activities with children aimed to motivate to studying and learning and to prevent early school leaving, with a special focus on children living with physical and mental disabilities
  • To facilitate capacity building in organisations and Civil Society Organisations working in the field of sustainable community development
  • To promote in all actors – host and sending communities and volunteers – the values of respect for difference and solidarity

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