Edition 2019

Talenti di genere

Is gender a matter of equality or is equality a matter of gender?

“Talenti di genere” means the capacity of women and men to deal with the challenges of our times in ordinary or extraordinary ways.


195 Artworks

represented by
photography, painting,
digital art, collage,
illustration, mixed arts.

8 Under 18

artworks has been
presented in the category
Youth. Countries of origin:
Italy and China.

22 Countries

the artworks are coming from
22 countries covering 5
continents: Europe, Asia,South
America, Africa and Oceania


1st Prize 1000 €, 2nd 500 €,
3rd 200 €, Youth award.

The Jury

Ahmed Fouad El Karrany

Ahmed Fouad El Karrany

Head of Inclusive and Creative Economies Program in British Council Egypt

Gal Harmat

Gal Harmat

Specialist in Gender studies and Peace Education

Marcia Mercadante

Marcia Mercadante

Producer and photographer

Rocco Carlisi

Rocco Carlisi

Artist, sculptor and painter.

Honorary members

Aude Marzloff and Giovanni Lo Biundo

President of the jury

Vito La Fata, President of CESIE

Awarded artworks

1st prize

Seguire l'esistenza di un limite

Grazia Teresa Salierno

Acrilico e olio su tela

2nd prize


Valentina Di Miceli


3rd prize


Magalie Grondin


Youth award

Difference? No

Carole Ann Harris
and Mia Moreschini


Exhibition 2019

From December 18th, 2019 until January 18th, 2020 it has been organised the exhibition of the first edition of Art and Act. It has been held in Palermo at Ecomuseo Mare Memoria Viva. Together with the winning artworks, a selection of other 25 ones has been featured.

Other Artworks featured in the exhibition

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