Art and act is an artistic contest, organised by CESIE,
inspired by the beliefs and passions
of Marie Marzloff (02/11/1980 -13/02/2018).

Edition 2019

Aim of the contest


Marie Marzloff was the deputy director of CESIE. She was responsible for managing human resources and international cooperation. She came to Palermo in 2004 as part of the European Voluntary Service scheme and immediately became one of the most active and convinced supporters and advocates of CESIE’s mission and work.

This contest sets to celebrate her interest in art, literature and interculturality – and devotion to the causes closest to her, gender equality, intercultural dialogue and international cooperation.

It aims at advancing the work that Marie has started so as to enable her beliefs and passions to endure.

By the means of this contest we seek to inspire others with Marie’s curiosity and her ability to grasp different ideas from diverse realities.

Whoever had the chance to work with Marie lived an enormously enriching learning experience, which allowed them to open up new horizons. She gave sound advice that squashed any doubts as she would help express hidden solutions and ideas.

Marie was the energy, the motor and the heart of CESIE.


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