Aim of the contest


Art and act is an artistic contest, organised by CESIE, inspired by the beliefs and passions of Marie Marzloff (02/11/1980 -13/02/2018).

Marie Marzloff was the vice director of CESIE. She was responsible for managing human resources and international cooperation. She came to Palermo in 2004 as part of the European Voluntary Service scheme and immediately became one of the most active supporters and advocates of CESIE’s mission and work.

This contest sets to celebrate her interest in art, literature and interculturality - and devotion to the causes closest to her - gender equality, intercultural dialogue and international cooperation.

It aims at advancing the work that Marie has started so as to enable her beliefs and passions to endure.

By the means of this contest we seek to inspire others with Marie’s curiosity and her ability to grasp different ideas from diverse realities.

Whoever had the chance to work with Marie lived an enormously enriching learning experience, which allowed them to open up new horizons. She gave sound advice that squashed any doubts as she would help express hidden solutions and ideas.

Marie was the energy, the motor and the heart of CESIE.

Theme of 2020 contest

Opening windows onto community


2020 has globally redefined our common lives as we have been forced to reconceive them both in terms of time and space, leading us to a profound reflection on the social changes which will follow. Windows have become our real and metaphorical vantage points from which we observe our world and the new scenarios awaiting our local and global communities.

As crisis exacerbates inequalities, new perspectives on dialogue and cooperation are emerging just when they seem more necessary than ever. We have learnt to observe the world from a distance, while we also got closer to ourselves by practicing a mindful introspection.  Living-without-others allows us to reflect on the sense of our community and challenges us to keep building and finding new identities and meanings.

Artists, professionals, amateurs, students, youth are asked to submit their interpretation of the theme.

The artwork should be thought-provoking and must reflect creative ideas addressing the opportunities and concerns through conceptual, social or political contents. The artwork must refer to this year’s theme and the mission of the contest.

Entries should be new and original artwork in any of graphic art categories such as: drawing, illustration, painting, digital art, graphics, photography, comics, collage. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Collective works are also accepted.

Each artist and art collective can participate submitting only one artwork.

The art contest is open to people from all over the world without any age limits. The participation is free of charge.


Selection criteria

All the submitted artworks will be evaluated and selected taking into consideration:

their effectiveness in expressing the theme and its challenges;

creativity and originality;

capacity of fostering critical thinking and reflection;

visual impact - the stronger the impact, the greater the influence.
In addition:

  • Entry is limited to original artworks which not have been already made public either through another contest, exhibition or publication.
  • The artwork must refer to this year’s theme and the overall mission of the contest.
  • Artworks conveying racist and violent messages will not be considered under any circumstances.

Jury members

Éléonore False

Éléonore False

Artist and art teacher.

Dora Djamila Mester

Dora Djamila Mester

Trainer and educator in the field of sexuality, gender, identity and interculturality.

Igor Scalisi Palminteri

Igor Scalisi Palminteri

Artist and educator.

Grazia Salierno

Grazia Salierno

Figurative artist. The winner of the Art and Act contest 2019 – Marie Marzloff Award.

Honorary members

Léa Marzloff and Giovanni Lo Biundo

President of the jury

Vito La Fata, President of CESIE


The winning artworks will be announced by December 1st 2020. In addition, the winning artworks will be featured in CESIE’s communication campaigns.

1st prize

€ 1000

2nd prize

€ 500

3rd prize

€ 200

Youth award

A special prize will be awarded to participants aged under 21*

  *participants under the age of 21
by September 30th 2020.

Exhibition and catalogue

A selection of the most impactful artworks will be exhibited during an event organised by CESIE.

Art and Act annual catalogue will gather all the submitted artworks that responded to the criteria of the contest.

Contacts & further information

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Edition 2019

Edition 2020