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Friday 9 July 2021

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VOICE – Voice and Body of Adult Educators is a new and innovative European project that considers the voice and the body as integrative aspects of the body expression. It will create a relevant point of connection between the fields of arts and adult education, since many artistic techniques will be involved such as theatre, dance, singing, circus and more.

The profession of the educator is based on communication and performance, since the first professional tool of trainers is their own body, and whatever impact or effect they wish to have on their learners will go through their voice and their non-verbal communication.

Following the inputs from education and science about the needs and specificities of adult learners, new methodological options have appeared in the profession that invite for a more active, engaging, sensorial learning experience. VOICE aims to support adult educators to have tools to self-assess their performance (for example, during the delivery of a training course or giving classes) and to improve their voice and body skills in multimodal way (both in presence and online).

Local research and trainings will involve adult educators in Italy, France, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands.

Partners of the project representing artist-led organisations and non-profit organisations active in the cultural and creative sectors came together for the first time on 16th-17th June 2021 to launch the project and plan the next steps. 

Over the two-year duration, VOICE will produce the following results:

  • A toolkit for voice and movement analysis to offer adult educators the means to assess their vocal performance and non-verbal behaviour during their interventions, give them the background knowledge to be able to systematise these observations and identify possible domains of development;
  • 7 art-based methods (focusing on dance, theatre, singing) developed to assess vocal and performance analysis’ impact on multimodal performance;
  • An online tool based on video lessons to make learning possible even when face-to-face trainings are not possible;
  • Trainers’ online Playbook for Voice and Body.

Partners are now starting to conduct research in their countries to assess the use of voice and body in adult education activities and to assess the needs of educators. The research findings will be used as the starting point for the project to define the needs of the target groups. It will investigate the advantages of art methods based on voice and body for educational purposes, as well as help to spread scientific knowledge about the integrative use of the voice and body with adult education.

About the project

VOICE – Voice and Body for adult educators is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2, KA227, Partnerships for Creativity.


For further information

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Beyond Erasmus+ project has started!

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