SeasonREADY: How to support Enterprises in Tourism and Hospitality?

19 November 2018 | Adult, News

How to improve competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in tourism and hospitality? How to train the staff in hotels, restaurants and other businesses in this sector to boost the productivity and quality of service during high season?

Success in tourism and hospitality is strongly dependent on the quality of customer services and clients’ satisfaction. To provide high standard service competent and motivated employees are essential. However, maintaining the quality during high season might be challenging even in the best teams.

In Italy, most of the enterprises in tourism and hospitality are small or medium family businesses where employees may lack specific education or training. Insufficient training for a job leads to  reduced job satisfaction and poor motivation of employees which consequently result in decreased quality of services, higher turnover and increased costs of recruitment, on-boarding and training.

The SeasonREADY project intends to support the competitiveness of enterprises in tourism and hospitality by providing a work-based learning programme designed to improve professional competences and motivation of seasonal staff. Furthermore, the project offers a Guide dedicated to employers, managers and in-house trainer to support the implementation of on-the-job training programmes in their organisation.


On December 14, at the occasion of the first multiplier event, we’ll present the results of European research including training needs and preferences of small and medium enterprises in tourism and hospitality sector. Then the SeasonREADY Methodology Guide for Work-Based Learning and Training materials for seasonal workers will be discussed.

SeasonREADY: Work-based learning for seasonal hospitality workers

Multiplyer Event

14 December 2018 | h. 15.00

Confesercenti Palermo

Piazza Castelnuovo, 26/a – 90141, Palermo



Presentation of the SeasonREADY project

  • Partnership
  • Objectives
  • Results


European research results

  • Tourism and Hospitality sector
  • Employment and seasonal work
  • Education and training in tourism and hospitality sector
  • Competences needed in tourism and hospitality sector


Next steps

  • Training for employers, managers and trainers
  • Training for seasonal workers


Conclusion and evaluation


Sul progetto

SeasonReady – Work-based learning for seasonal hospitality workers is a two and a half year project co-financed by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union carried out by six partners:


The partnership holds together 6 organisation:

For further information

Read more about SeasonReady.

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