Local initiatives for social inclusion and employability in the Euro-Mediterranean area

Friday 11 March 2022

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Promoting the social economy through the development of networks and synergies between different actors working on the territory to foster the social inclusion and employment of the most vulnerable groups: this is the main objective of MoreThanAJob!

Our commitment to encourage this process is strengthened by the 10 local initiatives co-funded by the project that promote an even stronger rooting in the territory through the involvement of other local actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy and the public administration. The sub-granted projects allow to support in a more incisive way these actors in reaching citizens and communities through welfare initiatives and services that promote their employability and social inclusion.

The local initiatives in Italy

  • Artigianato Interculturalecoordinated by Cresm – wants to address the working conditions of street vendors in Palermo, with particular attention to migrant workers. The aim is to promote the renewal of their working model in a sustainable, ethical and legal way. Discover more about the project here.
  • The Game – coordinate by Per Esempio Onlus – foresees the activities and services aiming at increasing the levels of social and labour inclusion of people with migratory background, at strengthening the collaboration between social economy actors and public administration, and at enhancing social and welfare services addressed to young and adult migrants. To discover more about what is going on, follow the project on Facebook.

Discover more on the initiatives in the other partner countries!


  • Orjuwan, coordinated by Partners for Sustainable Development PSD – to empower 50 Palestinian youth through professional programs in the field of graphic design and digital marketing fostering their capacities of self-employment, providing networking opportunities and encouraging their entrepreneurship.
  • Economic Empowerment of Poor Women from Less Fortunate Families, coordinated by Civil Society of Nablus Governorate (CSNG) – to empower women from disadvantaged backgrounds who financially support their families by making homemade products or other domestic activities. To achieve this aim, they will be involved in training programmes and activities on how to make their homemade products financially rewarding and having an economic return from those.


  • Social Solidarity Economy Values and Principles: Education and Training, coordinated by International Support for Applied Research – to raise awareness on the role of social and solidarity economy in the development of alternative economic models to favour the inclusion and employability of all citizens.
  • Dairy and Cheese Production, coordinated by Shehan Charitable Society – to foster the employment of unemployed youth, poor families and Syrian refugees through training courses on the production of dietary products and the development of marketing strategies. Participants will be supported and guided on the market needs for the food industries in the interested areas.


  • Psychosocial and economic resilience of women in deprived areas, coordinated by Common effort – to support vulnerable women from rural areas by providing them with primary and essential protection services throughout peer-to-peer counselling sessions and their integration in the labour market by initiating income generation and employment opportunities.
  • Carving out a better path forward, coordinated by PHI GROUP S.A.R.L – to address the inequalities in the Lebanese labour market by providing health and safety awareness sessions in the workplace, vocational training for under skilled workers and soft skills training.


  • Guide your Career, coordinated by Symplexis – to develop a mentorship programme that will provide participants with opportunities to develop their career prospects, leadership and diversity skills needed to succeed in a dynamically changing labour market. The project aspires to shape the future community leaders through their interaction with experienced professionals. As a result, they will be able to build the interpersonal skills that are necessary for supporting all community members into reaching their full potential.
  • Educate and Act (EdAct), coordinated by KMOP – foreseeing the creation of online tools and web resources for delivering specialised courses in the areas of the labour market in which there is an identified shortage of workforce. An extra focus will be given to the skills needed for improving the beneficiaries’ public and civic participation, as well as their inclusion in society.

You can also follow us on the project website and on our social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to find out more about what will happen in the coming months.

To know more about the local initiatives, send an email to giulia.tarantino@cesie.org

About the project

MoreThanAJob – Reinforcing social and solidarity economy for the unemployed, uneducated and refugees is a project funded by the European Union under ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. The project aims at enhancing the development of cooperation mechanisms between the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) actors and the public administration to improve the social services for vulnerable groups in order to increase their opportunities of social and labour inclusion.


For further information

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