JUST SPORT: Workshop on the use of doping in amateur sports

29 June 2018 | Adult

As part of the JUST SPORT: Fight against doping on grassroots level project, CESIE has worked with partners in five other European countries (Croatia, Sweden, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Portugal) to carry out training and information activities to raise awareness on  the doping topic. The focus, however, was not on the use of prohibited substances and methods in the field of professional sport. In fact, it is almost automatic to associate doping to high-level sports competitions, but the phenomenon is widespread and rooted even at an amateur level or even recreational. In our sports facilities, such as fitness centres and gyms, the use of prohibited substances or the use of supplements, which without medical consultation could lead to health consequences, are on a daily basis.

JUST SPORT aims to raise awareness, as much as possible, of instructors and owners of structures linked to physical activity, as well as the general public that attends them. To do this CESIE has organized educational days on the topic, trying to involve more actors related to the sports world and education. The main objective was not only to discourage the use of potentially harmful substances, but also to promote the idea that health comes first, even before sporting performance or physical appearance.

Of the two training days organized by CESIE, the first was held at the University of Palermo under the patronage of the faculty of “Scienze delle Attività Motorie e Sportive”, on the 25th of May, while the second at CESIE in Palermo in Via Roma on the 28th of June. Around 70 participants participated, including students and coaches, and they attended the works and participate in the round table discussions.

In order to deepen the topic, expand it and deal with it effectively and seriously, several experts have been invited to take part, as speakers, including: Antonino Bianco, researcher and professor at the University of Palermo; Ambra Gentile, PhD student in Health Promotion; Antonio La Monica, nutritionist biologist who follows the entire football team of Palermo; Lucia Gandolfo, expert in pharmacology and toxicology; Paolo Bisulca, lawyer.

Thanks to their interventions it has been possible to widely spread on a theme that obviously is not only linked to the sporting aspect, but also to the health one, psychology and Italian and world anti-doping regulations. Their contribution was then fundamental during the plenary discussion together with all the participants, in fact during this moment we entered more in detail and in everyday practice, trying together to find shared solutions to approach the fight against doping and a business now consolidated of supplements and similar substances.

The results of the training days were certainly positive, the great participation and involvement of those who were part of the work was then attested by a certificate, while owners of fitness centres and gyms received a certificate for their structure that certifies the training received and for being “clean” from the use of doping.

The project and the awareness campaign will end on June 30th, but CESIE hopes to have promoted a healthier sport, cleaner and above all free from dangerous substances.

About the project

JUST SPORT – Fight against doping on grassroots level is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, Collaborative Partnership in field of Sport aiming at raising awareness about the negative consequences of using supplements with harmful additives among young sportsmen in fitness centers and all beginners in grassroots level recreational sports.

Moreover, the project provides anti-doping education and prevention programmes fostering the fundamental values that underpin recreational activities and informing youth about moral, legal and health benefits of recreational activities.


The project partnership holds together 6 organisations:

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