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Thursday 19 November 2020

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According to the 2nd European Start-up Monitor, only 14.8% of start-up founders are women. Which tools do aspiring women entrepreneurs have to enhance their motivation, improve their skills and launch their business in Europe?

The Women Entrepreneurs: Inspire Us! project, which has just come to an end, provides all aspiring women entrepreneurs useful and innovative tools to improve their motivation, overcoming doubts and fears to start their own business. The innovative Entrepreneurship Programme on an e-learning platform developed within the project is addressed to all those women who have the necessary skills and competences to start a business but lack the necessary motivation to step forward.

This Entrepreneurs Programme and its learning modules are the result of research conducted at European level on the situation of female entrepreneurship and on aspiring women entrepreneurs’ needs, as well as a survey implemented at local level in each partner country where both experts and aspiring women entrepreneurs were asked about their needs and their motivational barriers. Read more about our research results here: .

The learning platform is free and is  available in English, Italian, Slovenian, Portuguese, German and Greek. It includes comprehensive and practical learning modules on crucial topics for entrepreneurs, such as business model canvas, communication skills, emotional intelligence, investment/funding opportunities and financial literacy. After a piloting phase in April-May 2020, the programme was first tested by aspiring women entrepreneurs and later finalised.

The Inspire Us project and all its results, including the Entrepreneurship Programme, were presented on 15th October at MoltiVolti at the dissemination event arranged by CESIE. Here, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, business incubators’ representatives and aspiring women entrepreneurs could learn about the entrepreneurship programme and all the tools developed within the project. They could also learn about business plan preparation, the funding opportunities they may benefit from and they could also share ideas and doubts with other aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, widening their networks.

Data about female entrepreneurship is very clear: the number of women entrepreneurs in Europe is still too low compared to the number of their male counterparts. In order to support female entrepreneurship, in the last two years the Inspire Us project brought to light the crucial link between internal motivation and business creation empowering aspiring women entrepreneurs.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur you can register to the Entrepreneurship programme at:

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Project results:


Sul progetto

Women Entrepreneurs: Inspire Us!  è un progetto dalla durata biennale, co-finanziato dal programma Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for adult education.


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