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Tuesday 25 October 2022

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Before the pandemic, the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) represented around 3.5% of all products and services in the EU and employed 3% of the European workforce.

Cultural and creative sectors are important to ensure the ongoing development of societies and are at the heart of the creative economy. Knowledge-intensive and based on individual creativity and talent, they generate considerable economic wealth. More importantly, they are critical to a shared sense of European identity, culture and values. In economic terms, they show above-average growth and create jobs – particularly for young people – while strengthening social cohesion.

To support the sector and enhance its resilience after such the Pandemic’s consequences, the Erasmus+ NOVA project has been working to develop innovative solutions in order to empower people to become successful innovator and to unveil opportunities that can be sought in a critical context and contribute to the resilience of the following sectors: music, performing arts, visual arts, audio-visual arts, games & multi-media, design & fashion, artistic crafts, etc.

On 28th,29th and 30th September 2022 the project partners from Lithuania, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania together with adult educator from each country participated in a learning/training activity hosted by Center for Social Innovation – CSI in Nicosia. The aim of the 3-day training was to provide the participating adult educators with tools and knowledge on how to conduct the training programme “Flipped Studio Successful Innovator” in their own countries. This training programme will be a combination of online learning through a digital platform and face-to-face lessons and will be launched in each partner country starting from January 2023. Through the programme “Flipped Studio Successful Innovator”, the learners will have the chance to improve their creativity and sense of innovation, to increase their possibilities to get employed or become self-employed or volunteers in the CCS.

Other tools for creative learners will be soon available online for creative learners:

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NOVA is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2, Partnership for Creativity.


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