EUYOUTH4HEALTH: digital marketing event to increase your company profits and create jobs

Tuesday 13 April 2021

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The main reason for the success of digital marketing is its economic return.

Companies today are increasingly aware of the importance of digital marketing and how much the market has moved online. Thanks to the tools used by digital marketing, it is now possible to address a specific consumer target and promote goods and services, obtaining measurable results. In this context, the professional figure of the digital marketer has acquired great importance and there are more and more companies that decide to hire this professional figure who can take care of their digital marketing strategy.

These were some of the main topics addressed at the Open Day of the EUYOUTH4HEALTH project organised by CESIE on 19th March at 5 pm on Zoom online platform.

The guest speakers, when addressing the companies and aspiring digital marketers and interested in the sector attending the event, explained what should be aimed at to grow corporate profits through this new marketing and how to undertake the professional path of the digital marketer.

Maurilio Caracci, Professor of Marketing at the University of Palermo and Expert trainer in Digital Marketing for CESIE, introduced the importance of digital marketing for companies and how increasing a company turnover is easier today if you are able to properly use most of the tools made available by digital.

Emanuele Sesta, videomaker residing between Italy and New York, presented the potential of social media and especially the power of YouTube, a tool he himself used through his YouTube channel “Emanuele Sesta” for the dissemination of his short films and documentaries. Addressing the participants of the Open Day, he focused in particular on the use of YouTube in the promotion of products and services for companies and individuals, showing how in the very near future it will be increasingly necessary to invest in this tool.

Chiara Costa, from Copenhagen where she has lived for nine years and works as a Web and Digital Marketing Specialist at Configit, explained to us why companies need the figure of the digital marketer and how to pursue this professional career.

There are many job opportunities for those who want to find work in web marketing, especially in big cities, and the professional figures sought in this field are diverse.

During the coming months, through the EUYOUTH4HEALTH project, CESIE will support 15 interested people and aspiring digital marketers to collaborate with small and medium-sized enterprises in the health sector and develop ad hoc marketing strategies for them.

If you wish to join these activities in the next months and receive more information on the EUYOUTH4HEALTH project and the collaboration with SMEs, as mentioned above, please visit the website or contact Simona Palumbo:

About the project

EUYOUTH4HEALTH – Engaging European YOUTH in promoting HEALTH prevention is cofinanced by Erasmus+, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for VET.


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