How the EU responds to COVID in support of the cultural and creative sectors

Tuesday 19 October 2021

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Among the measures taken by the European Commission to support the cultural and creative sectors in Europe, on 29 June 2021 the Commission published EU guidelines on the safe resumption of activities in the cultural and creative sectors, to facilitate the safe resumption of activities in this field. The guidelines aim to provide a coordinated approach in line with the specific national, regional and local conditions. They are expected to guide the design and implementation of measures and protocols in EU countries and cover two key dimensions: the safe reopening of the cultural sectors and their sustainable recovery.

With the aim of supporting the cultural and creative sectors, that is among the most severely impacted at this time, the 2-year Erasmus+ project NOVA – Flipped studio “Successful Innovator” is working to equip adult learners interested in this field with a set of innovative solutions during COVID-19 to unveil opportunities that can be sought in a critical context and contribute to the resilience of these sectors (Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Audio-visual Arts, Games & Multi-media, Design & Fashion, Artistic crafts, etc).

The latest achievements regarding the implementation process of the project were closely discussed during the online partnership meeting held on 5th October 2021. In the next months, the set of innovative solutions in cultural and creative sectors will be ready for all the interested users; while project partners from Lithuania, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania took the first steps for the development of the Flipped Studio “Successful Innovator” and the Assessment Tool for recognition of innovator’s competences, a tool to track the progress of adult learners to become successful innovators.

Through its products, the project will address adult learners willing to develop their sense of innovation in order to get employed, become self-employed or volunteers in the CCS and to adult educators who could successfully run the Flipped Studio “Successful Innovator”.

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NOVA is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2, Partnership for Creativity.


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