The e-learning platform Flipped studio “Successful innovator” soon available for creatives

Wednesday 20 July 2022

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“The advice that I believe I can give to those who intend to start a path in the creative and cultural field is to study and firmly believe in their goals, despite everything and all. Defeats are always around the corner, at every level of professionalism achieved, but it is up to us to give meaning to any defeat as a lesson to grow even more, and not as an excuse to give up. But this is possible only if one becomes fully aware of one’s vocation, considered as an essential path that leads to the realisation of one’s life. And here the profession itself, as a mere source of earning money, paradoxically, has only a marginal role.”

Luca Delfino, Visual Artist, Italy

As the Italian artist, Luca Delfino tells in his story, any defeat can be seen as a lesson to grow even more. Since 2021, in order to help respond the challenges and setbacks that the cultural and creative sector (CCS) has experienced due to COVID-19, the NOVA project partners have been working on the development of innovative solutions for adult learners and educators to unveil opportunities of the sector and contribute to its resilience. So far, the project has developed:

Through the collection of 20 good practices based on storytelling and an e-directory of 20 of the best innovation solutions in Europe which are presented as micro-learning modules, the adult learners can find their inspirations and reinforce their creativity and innovation.

The partners have also put the basis of a new and attractive learning pathway to enhance the main competences needed to think and act innovatively in the cultural and creative sectors. The training programme named Flipped studio „Successful innovator” aims to:

➢ equip learners with the set of innovative European and worldwide solutions in CCS during COVID-19 to unveil opportunities that can be sought, thus contribute to a future successful involvement in CCS as self-employed, employee or a volunteer;

➢ enhance and assess skills and competences needed to become the successful innovator in CCS.

Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Audio-visual Arts, Games & Multi-media, Design & Fashion, Artistic crafts are the sectors covered by the training programme: 40 innovation solutions are presented in total, with at least 5-6 good practices for each of the defined sector. The training programme is based on the combination of the self-learning via e-platform with the facilitated face-to-face workshops. The duration of the training is 40 hours, including 26 hours of self-learning and 14 academic hours for 4 face-to-face workshops facilitated by adult educators. After successfully finishing the training course the learners will receive the Digital Badge Certificate.

The main structure of the e-learning platform Flipped studio “Successful innovator” has been already developed. It contains 5 self-learning sessions:

  • Innovative solutions in CCS during the Covid-19
  • Importance of the cultural awareness and expression
  • Digitalisation opportunities for CCS
  • How to realise my business in CCS effectively
  • How to proceed with my innovation ideas in CCS as self-employed, employee or volunteer

The platform was presented during last NOVA’s transnational meeting hosted by CESIE in Palermo on 7th and 8th July, where partners could provide feedback for improvements, and it will be finalised in the next months.

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