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Wednesday 26 October 2022

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On 18-19-20 October for the Creative Talent Factory project, 3 workshops were held online with experts in creative entrepreneurship and digital marketing with the aim of providing aspiring entrepreneurs with key information on how to start their own business or improve their already existing firms. Among the speakers there were Adriana Micales, financial manager, and Valentina Nicoletti, digital marketer at CESIE, Emanuele Sesta, videomaker across the United States and Italy, and Dario Ferrante, cultural engineer.

The focus was on creative businesses and the tools developed within the Creative Talent Factory project over the past two years.

On the first day, Adriana Micales, financial manager at CESIE with experience in supporting start-ups to launch their business and business plan development, showed the main aspects that a good business plan must include, providing useful advice for its compilation and explaining its relevance in starting a successful business.

On the second day, Valentina Nicoletti, social media strategist and communication manager at CESIE, explained the importance of digital marketing and of online promoting for any business, providing advice on the use of social media for creative entrepreneurs. Afterwards, Emanuele Sesta, video maker residing between Italy and New York, presented the potential of YouTube, a tool he himself has used through his YouTube channel “Emanuele Sesta” for the dissemination of his short films and documentaries. Addressing the participants of the workshop, he focused on the use of YouTube in the promotion of products and services for companies and individuals, showing how in the very near future it will be increasingly necessary to invest in this tool.

The last workshop was dedicated to fundraising for creative entrepreneurs and was led by Dario Ferrante, cultural engineer, founder and president of Festival Energie Alter-Native, who presented the various funding opportunities aimed at creative entrepreneurship at regional, national and European level.

In addition, the results of the CTF project were presented, including:

During the 3 workshops, a special focus was given to the Creative Talent Factory online training programme. Most of the workshop participants were able to this online course and go through its contents, in order to acquire more knowledge and competence in the field of creative entrepreneurship. The online course is free and open to all creative people interested in starting their own business.

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