BODY Culture, Body, Gender, Sexuality in Adult Trainings

Thursday 3 May 2012

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CESIE is pleased, on behalf of the BODY Consortium, to introduce you to this two years (2011/2013) Grundtvig Multilateral project financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.

If Europe is home to 69.5 million migrants, a great variety of traditional ethnic / national minorities (Sámi, Roma etc.), there are further factors that add to diversity: age, sexual orientation, gender, special needs linked to specific health conditions, disability.  Cultural diversity in Europe encompasses this variety of differences and their interactions.

If diversity is a potential resource in education activities, when not addressed properly it constitutes a barrier to participation and can jeopardize the achievement of the pedagogical objectives, particularly in fields linked to sensitive issues such as gender, body, health, sexuality.

Thus the need for the BODY project that engages in exploring the impact of cultural differences related to body, health, gender and sexuality in adult training activities. Based on a participatory research relying on adult trainers’ own experiences the Consortium will develop approaches and tools that help the integration of relevant cultural differences in adult trainings’ content and methodology to make the trainings a source of personal and social development and a space for intercultural dialogue.

Read our first project Newsletter with more information on topics, materials to be produced on the composition of the Consortium. Stay updated by subscribing our project newsletter directly from the home of the website

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