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18 July 2018 | Adult

How to support teachers of superior education in applying didactic practices to reduce the disparity in class?How to promote diversity in the educational environment and create social bonds among the people with and without disabilities?

Discover ALdia: Accessible Learning design, implementation and accreditationr online learning platform (MOOC) , which we are implementing together with 4 other European partners from Greece and Spain.

After a careful research and study phase, we decided to get available an online learning platform for professors, supporting teachers and those involved in professional training. The theme and the contents of the courses, free and accessible to all, are linked to how teachers can promote accessibility for disabled students in all educational contexts.

The moodle course provides 8 modules for 10 hours each and each of these is full of extra content and resources that can also be used in class with their students.

In fact, in the modules there are questionnaires related to self-assessment, to their expectations and to the results obtained during their training.The platform has been successful with an excellent number of participants and a high rate of satisfaction in all the countries where it has been implemented.

It is already about to start, the second round of the course and the registrations are open at

Registration closes on 27th July: the moodle course is for free, but limited.

About the project

ALdia is a project co-funded by the Erasmus + – Key Action 3: Support for policy reform, and refers to Priority 1 – Reducing disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The main objective of the ALdia project is the removal of barriers that prevent students with disabilities from participating or completing courses and study programs, promoting equal access to training courses in Europe and the world.



The partnership holds together 5 organisations:

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