Meeting: CoNet – Cohesion Network URBACT II

The CoNet meeting – Cohesion Network URBACT II – on 27 and 28 May 2010 in Alba Iulia focused on participation. Participants used the “Future Workshop” method developed by Robert Jungk to elaborate ideas and strategies for the ” Lumea Nouă...
CoNet – Cohesion Network

CoNet – Cohesion Network

CoNet – Cohesion Network

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  • To learn more about integrated approaches to strengthen social cohesion in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and implement this knowledge in innovative local projects

  • Local Support Groups working on Local Action plans.
  • Thematic meetings, one in each partner city and thirdly a city to city project support scheme bringing officers and experts from one city to another city to ensure a direct transfer of know-how
  • Exchange of Best Practices about integrated approaches to strengthen social cohesion in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

  • Local Action Plan Palermo, Italy – The connection between problems of development and issues of territorial governance have been jointly investigated in the perspective of exploring governance patterns and specific effects of territorial policies. In this framework CoNet highlights how, in a context like Ballarò, even multi integrated services action or multi-goal services – neighbourhood centres, decentralized health, social, sports, cultural infrastructure and services – supportive actions, would not be, in the present moment of city management, the right measure to overcome the structural deficiencies of the Ballarò focus area. The CoNet Local Support Group identified as a long term solution for the above, a more comprehensive and coordinated intervention, working towards GOVERNANCE and integrated planning.

  • CoNet’s Guide to Social Cohesion – Academic approaches, good practise examples and interviews with practitioners and politicians along seven core tasks improving disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the EU.

  • Coordinator: City of Berlin (Germany)
  • City of Palermo (Italy)
  • City of Liverpool (United Kingdom)
  • City of Vaulx-en-Velin (France)
  • City of Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • City of Alba Iulia (Romania)
  • City of Brussels (Belgium)
  • City of Apeldoorn (Netherlands)
  • City of Zabrze (Poland)
  • City of Malmö (Sweden)
  • City of Gijón (Spain)

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Date of project: 21/04/2008 – 20/05/2011

Institution of reference: ERDF European Regional Development Fund, URBACT II – Thematic Networks

Contacts: CESIE:

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