Celebrating CESIE’s first 15 years of activity!








15 years spent dreaming

15 years spent together between challenges, discoveries, enthusiasm, many sacrifices and many joys: "Everyone grows only if dreamed" and CESIE has grown thanks to the dreams of many people.

There was a dream to create a group that would promote growth and change through innovative and participatory educational strategies. A group that in this dream would bring together different worlds: the city of Palermo, the international context, Europe and other continents.

Today this dream belongs to many people, with whom we have made it  become a reality.

For this 15th anniversary we thank all our employees, partners funding agencies who believe in our dream and that together grow with us.

Being part of our future? Become our partner, now!

We count on You! 😉

Operative seats in 3 Continents: Italy, Senegal, Nepal and India

Staff, experts, collaborators, volunteers and interns today in our offices

Implemented Projects since 2001

Countries of the World being part of our Cooperation Network

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