EDDILI is an international research-action project targeted at adult leaning staff (ALS), that is, teachers and trainers of adults.

Following the social and educational work of Danilo Dolci, the international partnership aims to develop and share together the reciprocal maeutic approach (RMA) of Danilo Dolci as an educational approach to be used in the field of training of adult learning staff.

EDDILI will provide a frame for mutual reflection and dialogue, which might serve the goal of exchange of practice and know-how within the field of adult education and will involve adult learning staff, organizations, universities and all the people interested.

As a final valorization part of the EDDILI training courses an international seminar has been held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, hosted by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, on 26 – 29 September 2010. The seminar brought together adult learners, trainers and adult learning staff as well as European, national, regional and local experts in the field of adult education. It offered thematic key speeches and reflections about the future challenges facing adult education in Europe. During the meeting in Rotterdam project coordinators, trainers and adult learning staff (ALS) worked on networking together by giving inputs and encouraging ALS to set up and develop a network between them.

The EDDILI network of ALS aims at promoting more coordinated approaches among learners within the adult education field, to share experience and lessons learned and chart future activities and projects together.

The Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (RMA) is a “…process of collective exploration that takes as a departure point the experience and the intuition of individuals.” (Danilo Dolci, 1996)

If you are interested in joining the EDDILI network of ALS, click on the following link: EDDILI Network of ALS

EDDILI is an international research-action project co-funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme under the action Grundtvig Multilateral projects which will last 2 years.