La nostra risposta sarà l’educazione

Our reaction will come through education

From Beirut to Paris, they have been trying to spread fear and divide us.

Our reaction will come through education, growing together and propagating with even more passion the values that we strongly believe in, following the teaching of Danilo Dolci.

Discover here a Danilo Dolci's Poem

Stage di traduzione CESIE: fai esperienza in un ufficio multiculturale
Translation internship at CESIE: make an experience in a multicultural office

If you’re interested in translation and interpreting for NGOs and you want to cooperate with professionals coming from different countries, come and do a translation internship at CESIE!

A Palermo si discute su Cloud computing ed educazione
Discussing in Palermo cloud computing and education

CESIE organised the second summit of the project “School on Cloud – Connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship (SoC)”, co-funded by the LLP Programme – Action AC3 Multilateral Network, entitled “Cloud Computing and Education: the Future” and held in Palermo.

Formazione sugli incidenti critici: al via Healthy Diversity
Critical Incidents Training: Healthy Diversity kicks off

A five day joint staff training event for the consortium of the Healthy Diversity project took place in Rugby, UK. Healthy Diversity project objective is improve the capacity of health professionals and institutions in meeting the needs of a culturally diverse patient group, thereby reducing the barriers to accessing services and alleviating different forms of discrimination within the health sector.

Action for Change – Progetti Pilota per le vittime di violenza domestica
Action for Change: Pilot Projects for Victims of Domestic Violence

The Romanian partners of Action for Change, CFCECAS, hosted the third transnational meeting of the project in Bucharest in October 2015. The meeting provided the chance to share results and project activity progress among the institutions involved in Action for Change, as well as to give continuity to the discussion started in Budapest last July on the engagement and activities of the Women’s Shadow Board, a committee composed of domestic violence survivors actively contributing in Action for Change.

EDUPAD - In Turchia per sensibilizzare i bambini alla disabilità
EDUPAD: Raising awareness on disability with children in Turkey

Moving to the closing of the project EDUPAD, it is time to talk about achievements and outcomes. The first months of the project were dedicated to a research on the primary school curricula of Italy and of Turkey to identify teaching on anti-discrimination, also specifically related to the theme of the project, i.e. disability. The research report from this activity will be published on CESIE website and on the project website in the next weeks.

FIERE - Conferenza finale su innovazione e imprenditorialità
FIERE: Final conference on innovation and entrepreneurship

On 12th November 2015 the partners of the FIERE project met at Cashel, Ireland for their Final Conference and Final Meeting. The FIERE project has been examining how public and community/voluntary organisations could be more entrepreneurial and innovative in the way they do their business and deliver services to their clients.

ArtS: inizia lo sviluppo del programma formativo
ArtS: the development of the training programme starts

CESIE hosted the 2nd partner meeting within the framework of the ArtS – Skills of the creative economy project. The project was launched in 2014 after the establishment of a consortium made up of partner organizations from Greece, Italy and Spain, with the aim of empowering artists from the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) to enhance cultural economy with a view to tackle unemployment at regional and transnational level.

Diritti degli anziani: un confronto fra Europa e Turchia
Elderly rights: a comparison between EU and Turkey

It took place in Ankara (Turkey) the final partnership meeting and the study visit of “Raising the Rights of Elderly People and Elderly Care Services to the EU Standards” project. The representatives from the partners’ organisation had the chance to visit different care centres for elderly. One of those was the nursing home of YÖRTÜRK Foundation – coordinator of the project.

CAPPYC: processi automatici e regolazione del comportamento
CAPPYC: automatic processes and regulation of behaviour

The “CAPPYC (Cannabis Abuse Prevention Program for Young Consumers)” project is a methodological research proposal intended for educators in formal and non-formal education to facilitate their educational prevention task with youth aged 15 – 18.

VALLEY - Prima newsletter disponibile online
VALLEY: Project’s first newsletter

The first newsletter for the project VALLEY aims to enhance the learning dimension of volunteering work through the development of a new approach to promote volunteering among young people as a resource of personal empowerment and to validate skills and competences developed during their volunteering experience.

TATRAC: A Nabeul l’ultima fase del percorso formativo
TATRAC: final training session in Nabeul

The second step of the training path envisaged by the TATRAC project was held in Nabeul, Tunisie. TATRAC is a cross-border cooperation project funded within the ENPI Italy-Tunisia programme 2007-2013, aiming to encourage the civil society to play an active role in the innovation process and in the enhancement of scientific knowledge.

3° incontro SMART - Analisi dei bisogni formativi degli insegnanti
SMART: Teachers training needs analysis in Second Chance Education

The 3rd partner meeting of the SMART project took place in Limerick, Ireland, from 5th to 7th of October 2015. The partners met for the third time to talk about the outcomes of the training need analysis and to discuss about the quality indicators identified at each partner level. An important focus was given to the systematic measurement system and the design of the e-platform.

Replace II: incontro finale e Conferenza al Parlamento Europeo di Bruxelles
Replace II project: final meeting and conference at the European Parliament

The team of Replace II project met in Brussels for two important events: in the morning the final meeting was held among partners. It was an important moment to finalize all the project activities and especially to focus on the impact that the project had among all the partner countries.

In the afternoon, the Final conference was the occasion to present the Replace approach and methodology of the Behaviour Weel Change and to launch the Toolkit and the Community Handbook to organizations actively involved in tackling the topic of FGM at EU level.

Manucultura - Arte e Cultura come mezzi di espressione e comunicazione
Manucultura: Art and Culture as Communication and Expression tools

CESIE took part in the third meeting of Manucultura project, which was held in Bickenbach, Germany. The main aim of the project is to provide the exchange of best practices in order to promote the young apprentices approach to “Art”, as this target group does not have the possibility, the tools or the interest to know and experience this vehicle of cultural expression and communication.

IMPROVABILITY: strumenti di educazione non formale per l’occupazione
“IMPROVABILITY”: non formal education tools for employment

The main aim of this TC is to strengthen the role of youth work in fighting unemployment of young people through development of new nonformal education tools that would increase their employability.



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