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I migliori auguri per un felice anno nuovo insieme

Best wishes for a Happy New Year Together

Please note that CESIE will be closed from December 24th.
The activities will resume Monday, 4th January 2016.

The big CESIE Family wishes everybody, happy holidays!

Alberto B., Alberto P., Alessandro, Alisa, Amico, Annaclaire, Antonella, Caroline, Caterina, Chloe, Cristina, Daniele, Daria L., Daria F., Dario, Dorothea, En, Federica, Francesca, Gianni, Giulia, Giuseppe, Irene, Jelena, Letizia, Luigi, Luisa, Maja, Mariangela, Marianna, Marie, Mario, Marta, Mauro, Michele, Miryam, Nicolas, Noemi, Reggie, Rita Q., Rita S., Roberta, Rosina, Silvia, Soad, Sofia, Stefania, Tiziana, Valentina, Vito.

Il CESIE alla Conferenza sulle pratiche per l’Internazionalizzazione nel campo dell’istruzione superiore
CESIE at the Conference on Internationalization Practices in the Field of Higher Education

The main aim was to provide a platform for exchange of scientific, cultural and structural practices in the field of HEIs internationalization as well as for further dissemination of information among the widest possible audience in the Eastern Neighborhood region (Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine).

Giovani, decisori politici e partecipazione online: al via WECE
Youth, decision makers and e-participation: WECE starts!

“WECE” is a project of the Erasmus+ Programme, under Key Action 3, Support for policy reform with a duration of 24 months – from November 2015 to October 2017. This consortium is formed by 5 partner organisations that include a high education institution, a technological company and three non-governmental organizations specialized in training for young people in risk of exclusion.

EQUIL: eguali opportunità di inserimento lavorativo per tutti
EQUIL: employment opportunity for all

The EQUIL project – Equality in Learning, co-funded by Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic partnerships for adult education, aims to promote the integration into the labor market of people with current or past mental health problems. The project foresees the development of training tools aimed at educators and social workers that work for supporting their social integration, especially in the labour market.

Action for Change – Progetti Pilota per le vittime di violenza domestica
PC IMPRESS: work in progress on new mobility tools

Evaluation and capitalization of the competences has have been the words mostly discussed during the 4th meeting of the project PC IMPRESS, held in Seville (Spain) on the 23rd and 24th of November 2015.

Risparmio energetico: a Cefalù s’impara “STEP by STEP”!
Energy savings: a “STEP BY STEP” learning in Cefalù!

To date, about 700 households of Cefalù (a town near Palermo – Italy), have been involved in the accompaniment service about energy saving in the framework of the Horizon project “STEP BY STEP”.

FETE: Giovani migranti acquisiscono competenze utili per l’occupazione
FETE: Young migrants build soft skills for employability

Between 16th – 30th November 2015, a local workshop about “employability”, organised in the frame of the project FETE – From Expats to Experts: United Civil Society through Inclusion and Empowerment of Young Immigrants, took place in Palermo delivered by CESIE. FETE is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme (Key Action2: Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth) and is implemented by four partner organisations from Denmark, Malta, France and Italy. The project is an opportunity to gain and improve their work experience as well as their soft skills, which can be used as a significant experience for their professional future.

ArtS: inizia lo sviluppo del programma formativo
GOVERN: ASIIN Workshop on Self-evaluation and systems reviews for Armenian Universities

On 9th – 12th of November 2015 in Yerevan, Armenia – ASIIN ( together with GOVERN Coordinator YSAFA has organized a Workshop on Self-evaluation and systems reviews for Armenian Higher Education Institutions (HEI) within the framework of the Tempus “GOVERN” project.

VALLEY: creare un quadro di competenze per il volontariato giovanile
VALLEY: Creating a competency framework for youth volunteering

The second partner meeting for partners of the project VALLEY – Validation System in Lifelong Learning Experiences of Youth Volunteering co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth took place in Palermo on 18th and 19th November, hosted by CESIE.

POLYGLOT: guide e corsi in preparazione
POLYGLOT: guide and e-courses under way

POLYGLOT – Multilingual education in preschool age is a three-year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships in the field of school education, aiming to promote language learning from an early age through the use of Open Educational Resources, new media and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

2015 Anno europeo per lo sviluppo: l’anno di tutti!
2015 European year for development: everyone’s year!

2015 is a special year for development for CESIE and for Europe.

Our efforts to reach the objectives come through education, growing together and propagating with passion the values that we strongly believe in, following the teaching of Danilo Dolci, and pursuing our vision “The World to become only one Creature”.

TATRAC: A Nabeul l’ultima fase del percorso formativo
SPAcE: UActiveE plans underway after Good Practice workshop

Actions plans for the development of urban active environments (UActiveE) in cities and towns across the European Union are now underway after the “Learning and Sharing of Good Practice Symposium and Workshop” and second partnership meeting for the project SPAcE – Supporting Policy and Action for Active Environments, took place on 5th and 6th November 2015, in Palermo hosted by CESIE.

PLACE: attività educative e orticultura in Cina, India e Nepal
PLACE: workshops on gardening in China, India and Nepal

CESIE is looking for 6 Italian youngsters, aged 18-30 years, preferably living in the area of Palermo, for an European Voluntary Service in Asia within the international project “Planting Cities” - PLACE.

Un processo di apprendimento attraverso il coaching in Armenia
A learning process through coaching method in Armenia

The 7-day training course “Coaching for Change” aims at building competences in youth empowerment through coaching techniques among participants from Luxembourg, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Romania, Italy, Russian Federation, Hungary, Latvia, Czech Republic, France. Coaching is seen as essential for the youth worker, because he/ she can use this technique to accompany youth for developing personal potentials through a learning process.

SVE MORE: sei giovani volontari per sei paesi europei
EVS MORE: six young volunteers for six European countries

CESIE starts the selection of 6 Italian youngsters aged 18-30 years old, for the 2nd round of Many Opportunities Real Equality - MORE, an European Voluntary Service project funded by the EU programme Erasmus+, through the Italian National Agency for youngsters.

IMPROVABILITY: strumenti di educazione non formale per l’occupazione
Erasmus mobility: Annelise’s experience as a translation intern!

I discovered CESIE on the Internet and I immediately got passionate about its projects and activities: I liked CESIE’s human attitude towards education, the social interest within its action, as well as the multicultural side of this organisation. My experience as a translation and international communication intern at CESIE in Palermo was very positive, both from a professional and personal point of view.



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