Gender equality and the decrease of related stereotypes involve a large audience in Europe in terms of urgent issues.

The representation of the femininity and masculinity are social constructions which impose on us since the moment are born. Indeed, young people and youth workers have often lack of the resources to involve and sensitize their fellows in the topic in order to prevent inequality, violence and a series of devastating consequences for women and men around the world.

Shanarani project aims to create attractive new methodologies for young people in order to involve them and to raise awareness on the importance of reducing gender related stereotyping and gender equal opportunities for all.

By providing exchange of good practices and a sharing of lessons learned in transnational cooperation, Shanarani will develop the following objectives:

  • To support youth workers adapting and promoting good practices in their work on gender issues and avoidance of stereotyping.
  • To enhance the participation of youngster developing innovative and motivational methodologies to overcome stereotypes on gender issues.
  • To involve young people and support youth workers through online tools such as digital handbooks and an online platform developed during the project.
  • To spread project’s results at local, national and international level within communities, stakeholders and decision makers and to raise awareness about gender issues and avoidance of stereotyping.

On November 29th and 30th 2017, the first meeting of Shanarani took place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

During the two – days of meeting all project partners agreed on a strategy for the project’s implementation and shared their knowledges and experiences in the topic, analysing the following future activities:

  • Creation of three thematic handbooks to provide information about the gender status quo in different European countries, to analyse the reproduction of stereotypes in those media and music industry, to introduce new attractive methodologies based on acting, theatre and music tools and to show up how the “experience” can help young people to build new role model.
  • “Train the Trainer Workshop” for youth workers.
  • Development of SHANARANI Gamified Online Training Platform with an online User Manual.

Young people and youth workers will be constantly involved in the development of the activities and the creation of attractive methodologies in Film, acting, theatre and music areas.

The Gamification Online Training Platform for Gender Issue and stereotypes will collect methodologies, activities and information to help young people to learn about avoidance stereotypes, gender issues and human rights.

Shanarani is co-financed by the European Commission thanks to Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth.

The partnership is composed by six partners from different part of Europe:

For further information, please contact Silvia Fazio,