Do you have an idea worth spreading? PRO.V.A.C.I. helps you develop new projects!

10 May 2018 | Youth

Participation, community, common good are our watchwords: do these topics inspire you? Do you have a project idea and a group of friends who are ready to implement it? Participate in the contest launched by PRO.V.A.C.I.

PRO.V.A.C.I. aims to help people develop new ideas which might have a positive impact on our community at social, cultural, and educational level. Individual or group proposals should be submitted via PRO.V.A.C.I. online platform at

A panel composed of representatives from partner organisations (Per Esempio OnlusCESIEMunicipality of Palermo, Libera Palermo contro le mafieSEND, University of Palermo) will select the most interesting ideas, according to the following requirements.

Proposals should:

  • comply with the scope and the topics of the project (participation, education, reception, collaborative economy, common good);
  • be original and innovative;
  • answer local needs;
  • be sustainable;
  • support community building.

You can share your idea by May 16th2018.  The contestants submitting winning proposals will:

  • participate in mentoring sessions facilitated by Third Sector experts;
  • become part of a network of local organisations;
  • be provided with materials and supplies.

For further information concerning the contest and its rules, please visit our website.

Are you eager to participate in PRO.V.A.C.I. competition?

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About the project

PRO.V.A.C.I – Volunteers’ profiles in Learning for Inclusion Skills aims at:

  • encouraging active citizenship and volunteering;
  • enhancing voluntary service by implementing a recruitment and validation system.
  • fostering match-making processes in the voluntary sector so as to promote a better cooperation between NGOs and skilled volunteers.

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