MY IDEA, MY FUTURE: Social entrepreneurship as a key to development

7 May 2018 | Youth

How to create new job opportunities and support employment of young people? How to contribute to the development of your region and mobilise the community?

There is one possible answer to these questions: Social entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurship represents an economic approach focusing primarily on a social objective using democratic and participatory principles and emphasizing its relationship to civil society. This concept has a great potential to enhance economic and social environment in disadvantaged, rural or remote areas especially when it come to development of new opportunities in labour market, work integration of vulnerable groups and sensible use of properties and land.

My Idea, My Future aims to promote social entrepreneurship among young people and support them in taking the first steps in development of their entrepreneurial idea and putting it to the practice.

The project produced a series of outputs to reach this goal:

  • a Virtual Lab, providing support in the creation and development of socio-entrepreneurial ideas and showcasing videos of success stories in social entrepreneurship;
  • a Manual, providing young readers with useful information, guidance and tips as well as example of successful entrepreneurial stories;
  • a Mobile App, providing step-by-step guidance on social entrepreneurship in your phone;
  • Online Mentoring, providing young people with online counselling;
  • the Festival of Social Entrepreneurship.

The Festival of Social Entrepreneurship took place in Rakičan (Slovenia) on 24th April 2018. The Festival hosted an international conference covering social entrepreneurship in Europe, its challenges and opportunities followed by a marketplace, where young people had the chance to meet different stakeholders as well as inspiring social entrepreneurs.

On 26th April, the project partners together with young participants and an entrepreneur from Italy visited a local social enterprise Eko Vrt – ZRIRAP so.p.

Eko Vrt is a community garden founded by 6 young people graduated from different fields of study sharing the will to create themselves a job which would also be useful for the local community. Nowadays, the garden produces ecological plant products that are sold and used for in-house production of ecological herbal infusions and soaps. Furthermore, the garden provides job opportunity to disadvantaged and vulnerable workers.

About the project

My Idea, My Future – Furthering social entrepreneurship in rural area is a one-year project co-funded by Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2: Co-operation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices – Strategic Partnership in the field of YOUTH.


The project partnership holds together 3 organisations:

  • RIS (Slovenia, Coordinator);
  • ADICE (France);
  • CESIE (Italy).

For further information

If you wish to learn more about this and other good examples of social entrepreneurship, consult the Manual, see the project website.

For further information about the project, please contact Cecilie Grusova.