In&Out: Cultural diversity and artistic interventions with social background

12 April 2018 | Youth

Social workers, youth workers, community leaders, students, volunteers and artists: people who have been working for years and others who are just starting, Palermitans and foreigners.

Thanks to the six days of In&Out training course, a total of 23 youth workers who work with young migrants have been able to exchange experiences and good practices, reflect on new methods and benefit from the points of view of people working at different levels and in different parts of the world.

Every day the training was led by one of the In&Out partners that made us experience their methodology while receiving feedback from the other professionals on the strengths and points to be improved for the proposed activities.

Firstly ADILES, the coordinators of Guadeloupe, introduced us to each other, helped us to break the ice and create a more cohesive group through their activities.

Further on, during a workshop led by Amico Dolci, we as CESIE experimented with the Reciprocal Maieutic, and other non-formal education activities to reflect on cultural diversity. partners from Florence made us deepen our cultural footprints through photography, and these are some of the results.

The next day we expressed ourselves through the body with the dance session by Dansare Utan Granser (Dancers Without Borders), a Swedish organization that uses dance and movement as a method of inclusion for young people.

Finally we got introduced the project Spanish partners Jarit has been on from 10 years: Russafa Cultura Viva project (Valencia) celebrates the Russafa district using balconies and squares as stages for artistic interventions with a social background, and we too had the chance to think about and make our little piece of art.

The training ended with the multiplier event in Santa Chiara, where we presented the In&Out project and even made dance all the visitors!

Also, we had the chance to enjoy the artistic performances and stories of the participants in the Ragazzi Harraga project, the presentation of the newborn association of Senegalese youths Niofar and the music of Bakku ndal.

To conclude the week, all partners came together to reflect on how all the methodologies we have learned and tested can be used and adapted to our local contexts.

Without any doubt, the week from 19 to 25 March 2018 was very important for the In & Out project: intense, enriching and very educational.

In the coming months we will continue to develop the virtual platform and work on the contents of the toolkits that each organization will design to present their methodologies, which will then be tested in all partner countries.

The next meeting of the partners will be held in October 2018, hosted by DUG in Sweden.

About the project

In & Out – Boosting youth and migrant integration through cultural and volunteering activities is co-funded by the Erasmus + program, Key Action 2 – Strategic partnerships in the youth field and aims at creating a network of cooperation and exchange of good practices between youth workers in Europe and those working in the Caribbean, bringing together faraway territories, through art in various forms.


The project brings together partners from 4 countries:

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