How to promote the European citizenship and get to know the opportunity and tools offered by the EU for young people?

We are ready to promote the second cycle of I giovani parlano con l’Europa workshops. The sessions are targeted at young people over 18 and would like to become informed and discuss different issues with their peers, in order to enhance their cultural understanding through active citizenship.

The sense of deep satisfaction which characterised the ending of the first cycle gave a new impulse and motivated us to keep working together with young people coming from different parts of the world, who now live and meet in Palermo, so as to share ideas and grow as citizens.

These learning paths are designed to help young people gain a better understanding of themselves as individuals rich in skills and competences by allowing them to share experiences and acknowledge their potential. Open dialogue is the first step in assisting young people of any nationality to become aware of the rights and duties they have in the country they now live in.

The aim of the first part of the training, targeted at migrant and Italian youngsters, was to study and gain a deeper understanding of European cultures and geography and to discuss active citizenship at European and local level.

Moreover, during the workshops participants had the opportunity to create their own CVs and conduct mock interviews. It certainly was an interesting and stimulating journey for all of them.

Migration experiences contribute to change the cultural landscapes of individuals radically as they transform identities; such a process might be a long and painful one unless it is supported by skilled professionals.

For this reason, we are ready to start a new cycle of workshops, which will be implemented in the first months of 2018. The workshops will involve a new group of young people. We will soon provide you with more details concerning the application process.

I giovani parlano con l’Europa is co-funded by Giovani per il Sociale”, an initiative promoted by the Department of Youth and National Civic Service – Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Italy) and is aimed at enhancing and promoting active citizenship within the social and cultural contexts of migrant and local youth.

The project involves three partners:

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