Socio-Cultural Promotion

The Social and cultural promotion department operates at a local, regional and national level in order to develop and enhance active and inclusive processes aimed at counteract the lack of education and poverty of culture.

Children, young people, trainers, teachers, migrants, volunteers participate in and contribute to build specific educational and learning paths aimed at strengthening their professional and personal development.

The Department cooperates with a number of institutions and organizations which operate at a local level; it seeks to elaborate new strategies and intervention policies related to tackling educational and social issues. It coordinates participative project design activities to meet local educational needs, as its expertise and experiences gained at European level create an added value.

The Department collaborates to and manages numerous projects, which positively impact on the local community, and have been financed by: Fondazione CON IL SUD, the Department of Youth and National Civic Service, Never Alone Programme, the Department of Family and Social Services – Region of Sicily.

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