Let’s play with science: Join us for SciLit final event!

24 May 2018 | School

How to promote science teaching between children in early years education?

Do you know what the world is made of and how to bring archaeology to the classroom? Do you know how to explain the microscopic world of molecules, atoms and crystals to children in an attractive way?

If you are a teacher, a social worker or a parent do not miss the final event of the project SciLit on 15 June 2018 at Centro Internazionale delle Culture Ubuntu.

We will share with you methods and activities that can be used to teach science and increase the interest of children from the early age. Join us and together we will investigate what we cannot see with our eyes.


SciLit Final Event

15 JUNE 2018 | h.16,00

Centro Internazionale delle Culture Ubuntu – via Fratelli Cianciolo 14,  Palermo, Italy

  • 16:00 Welcome
  • 16:10 Non-formal activities with children
  • 16:30 Activities related to the science education
    • Natural sciences: from microscopic to macroscopic world
    • Human and social sciences: bringing children closer to archaeology
  • 17:30 Presentation of SciLit project and the importance of science education
  • 17:45 Scientific refreshment

During the event, children, their parents, teachers and educators will have an opportunity to participate in joyful activities and know more about:

  • atoms, molecules and crystals;
  • how the materials are organized;
  • water molecules;
  • how to measure time, context, importance of cultural heritage and not only.


We believe that science is a culture with its special way of seeing the world, its values, its procedures, and its languages and science teaching can be a tool for the overall development of the child.

We are waiting for you to share our passion for science!

About the project

SciLit  – Scientific literacy at the school: improving strategies and building new practices of science teaching in early years education is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships for school Education – with the main objective to go one step ahead on the way science is taught in the early stages and to develop necessary tools to facilitate the teaching of science.

Fur further information

Read more about the project.

Contatta Ruta Grigaliunaite, ruta.grigaliunaite@cesie.org.