According to various reports, in a business-as-usual scenario the current socioeconomic system will reach tipping points in terms of climate, biodiversity and materials by 2030. Since this highly disruptive era is the result of human economic-industrial activity, it is also in our power to change course, if only we choose to. The SDG’s show the political will to redefine ‘development’ more sustainably, allowing the global community to thrive within planetary boundaries.

This leads to the conclusion that tackling the grand challenges – the aim of Responsible R&I – requires developing more functional socio-economic models for addressing the needs of the global society within the carrying capacity of the Earth. 

The economic function is ‘to allocate (renewable) resources to the wellbeing of all’, this requires an innovative, systemic and transdisciplinary approach to R&I. It creates a need for intermediary structures, reconnecting established knowledge institutions with the broader society for the co-creation of local answers to global challenges.

The FoTRRIS project has developed and tested such an intermediary structure: a Co-RRI Competence Cell. This was prototyped in five regional case studies on various challenges, including renewable energy, refugees, women with disabilities, local economy, sustainable food, and material scarcity. The outcomes were discussed in outreach workshops with experts at regional and national levels, and followed by a back-casting exercise at EU-level, resulting in policy recommendations.

We invite you to join the Final FoTRRIS Conference and to get deeper knowledge and skills on the FoTRRIS approach to RRI!


Horizon 2020 FoTRRIS project Final Conference


9:00 – 18:00, 27 MARCH 2018


The conference will present the lessons learnt and will share methods and tools on how to address glocal challenges.

Join us and find out:

  • How to support the emergence of positive change at the local level;
  • How to engage local stakeholders in transdisciplinary processes;
  • How to set up a Co-RRI Competence Cell and more!

The Conference programme and registration form is available online:

More about FoTRRIS

FoTRRIS is the EU Horizon2020 project developed in the frames of the Science with and for Society programme GARRI-1-2014 topic. The specific objective of the programme is to build effective cooperation between societal actors (researchers, citizens, policy makers, business, third sector organisations etc.) working together during the whole research and innovation process, in order to better align both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of European society.

Discover FoTRRIS in 5 minutes watching the video below.

The project partnership is represented by 6 organisations:

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