(Italiano) #TU6SCUOLA

(Italiano) #TU6SCUOLA

Obiettivi Promuovere e stimolare la prevenzione e il contrasto dei fenomeni di dispersione e abbandono scolastici di adolescenti nella fascia di età compresa tra 11 e 14 anni. Validare un modello innovativo di didattica in sei territori italiani, che rafforzi la...
Peer to peer players

Peer to peer players

Objectives To strengthen young people’s competencies and to raise awareness of risk behaviours, focusing on psychoactive drug abuse and the use of dark web sites to purchase illegal drugs; To help youngsters improve their self-regulation strategies; To build on the...
MEDIS – Mediterranean Inclusive School

MEDIS – Mediterranean Inclusive School

Objectives To strengthen and consolidate social cohesion, intercultural education and local language in a multilingual framework of newly arrived migrants at primary and secondary schools To enhance the social inclusion in at least 90 primary and secondary schools in...
ABC – Anti-Bullying Certification

ABC – Anti-Bullying Certification

Objectives To create more safety in secondary schools on the level of students, including socially marginalized groups To support teaching staff in developing competences to deal with conflict, bullying, social exclusion and discrimination, with special attention to...
EUROPE – Ensuring Unity and Respect as Outcomes for the People of Europe

EUROPE – Ensuring Unity and Respect as Outcomes for the People of Europe

EUROPE – Ensuring Unity and Respect as Outcomes for the People of Europe

ObjectivesActivitiesResultsPartnersInfo & contacts

  • To promote social inclusion, tolerance, non-discrimination and other factors that prevent violence in school through an innovative approach known as Quiet Time, which uses the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique
  • To adapt and transfer the chosen good practice in 3 countries (Nederland, Sweden and Portugal), targeting schools with minority students and those with disadvantaged or migrant backgrounds
  • To foster the role of education in preventing bullying and violent radicalisation and promoting intercultural understanding, social cohesion and mutual respect in society

  • Analysis of the status quo, the Quiet Time method and preparation for partners for the method application
  • Implementation of the Quiet Time programme in the schools in a European context
  • Study visit at the 2 schools in England and the Netherlands where partners have already been applying the best practice, involving educational authorities that support the project as well as the school staff and students

  • Scientific Articles published in specialized journals, websites and presentations in seminars and congresses
  • Manual of best practices and road map to guide policy makers in the implementation of the Quit Time programme in other contexts
  • Creation of sustained support structures, including a European expert centre for the implementation of the Quiet Time method

  • Coordinator: Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti – Centro Studi Villa Montesca (Italy)
  • Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht [Utrecht University of Applied Sciences] (The Netherlands)
  • Universidade do Algarve (Portugal)
  • Agrupamento de Escolas João de Deus [Teacher Training Centre] (Portugal)
  • Maharishi School Trust Limited (United Kingdom)
  • Stichting Maharishi Onderwijs Nederland (The Netherlands)
  • Maharishi Foundation England (United Kingdom)
  • APEJAA – Associação de Pais e Encarregados de Educação da Escola João Afonso De Aveiro (Portugal)
  • Cooperativa Cultural Ciencia Tecnologia Vedica Maharishi, CCCT (Portugal)
  • MIKI – SVERIGE [Maharishi Institut for Kreativ Intelligen] (Sweden)
  • Stichting Maharishi Vedisch Instituut (Sweden)
  • CESIE (Italy)

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Date of project: 31/12/2016 – 30/12/2018

DG of reference: DG EAC, Erasmus+ Key Action 3 – Initiatives for policy innovation – Social inclusion through education, training and youth

Contact: CESIE: ruta.grigaliunaite@cesie.org