SAFER – Systematic Approaches for Equality of gendeR

SAFER – Systematic Approaches for Equality of gendeR

Objectives To prevent, encourage reporting and combat gender-based violence (GBV) against children fostering a systematic approach in cultivating life skills, building healthy relationships, adopting and maintaining values, and increasing resilience and personal...
RETHINK – Remembrance Education for THINKing critically

RETHINK – Remembrance Education for THINKing critically

Objectives To collect best practises of inclusive learning in remembrance education. To disseminate the collected best practices to help educators to deal with current challenges (rise in antisemitism, racism, xenophobia and radicalisation). To enhance critical...
PRO.V.A.C.I – Volunteers’ profiles in Learning for Inclusion Skills

PRO.V.A.C.I – Volunteers’ profiles in Learning for Inclusion Skills

PRO.V.A.C.I – Volunteers’ profiles in Learning for Inclusion Skills

ObjectivesActivitiesResultsPartnersInfo & contatti

  • To encourage specific volunteering actions in response to two very critical areas of the City of Palermo, educational poverty and the reception of migrants
  • To create a system for research, allocation and quality enhancement of volunteering services
  • To foster the cooperation among organisations and profiled volunteers according to specific skills

  • Mapping of organisations interested in offering volunteering experiences
  • Organising Focus-groups with leading organisations in analysing skills and competences as required by volunteers willing to be involved in volunteering pathways
  • Developing a platform for mapping, recruiting and matching between organisations and volunteers
  • Offering training pathways for host organisations and volunteers on different project areas
  • Providing assessment paths and recognition of acquired skills
  • Campaigning and awareness raising events for active citizenship: “Festival of participation” and “Citizens in Movement”

  • Online platform as virtual place for accreditation of organisations and volunteers, allowing precise matching between volunteering and demand. The platform also allows the circulation and exchange of ideas and good practices related to the world of collaborative economics
  • Set of materials and training activities for organisations and future volunteers in the field of educational poverty and migrant reception
  • 100 activated and complete profile match between organisations/service providers and volunteers
  • 50 active Action-Support-Groups
  • 100 Skills booklets, certification templates and volunteers’ skills recognition

  • Coordinator: Per Esempio
  • ASCC – Associazione Siciliana Consumo Consapevole
  • Municipality of Palermo – Department for Participation and Mobility
  • Libera, Palermo
  • SEND
  • University of Palermo – Department of Psychological, Pedagogical and Training Sciences

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Date of project: 13/02/2017 – 13/08/2018

Institution of reference: Fondazione CON IL SUD, WITH PARTICIPATION OF THE SOUTH – The Volunteering Promotion Initiative

Contact: CESIE:

ARISE – Appetite for Enterprise

ARISE – Appetite for Enterprise

ARISE – Appetite for Enterprise

ObjectivesActivitiesResultsPartnersInfo & contacts

  • To foster networking, knowledge, experience-sharing among social workers, trainers, intercultural mediators and key stakeholders to strengthen resources supporting integration of migrant women and their access to work and development of entrepreneurial initiatives
  • To promote the social and entrepreneurial capacities of migrant women through development and exploitation of food-related knowledge and skills that provide possibilities for income-generating activities
  • To stimulate development and implementation of economically sustainable food-related innovative business ideas as a vehicle to promote mutual learning between the culture of migrant women and the one of the welcoming communities
  • To foster intercultural dialogue and a culture of welcoming communities in partners’ countries to reduce social exclusion of migrants and contribute to their better integration

  • Researching of quantitative and qualitative data collection on migrant women’s social, economic, learning needs, and analysis of business climate and preconditions for food-related business establishment
  • Offering international Training Course for 18 social workers/trainers/intercultural mediators
  • Implementing 20 Local Workshops to 12-15 migrant women per country on (I) development of personal and soft skills; (II) entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial culture, entrepreneurial civil education; (III) visits to migrant-led enterprises and meetings with successful migrant entrepreneurs
  • Producing a toolkit for organizations promoting economically sustainable food-related innovative business ideas and cultural initiatives, the “Appetite for Enterprise” Toolkit

  • State of the Art Report composed of (i) Assessment of migrant women’s social, economic, learning needs, (ii) Analysis of business climate for food-related business establishment for migrant women – challenges and opportunities
  • Focus Groups, local Workshops and International Training Courses
  • nformal Network of Migrant Organisations, social workers, trainers, intercultural mediators, social partners and stakeholders, and migrant entrepreneurs
  • Local Enterprise Events (1 per country) to showcase business concepts to local audiences and stakeholders

  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • Four Elements (Greece)
  • Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen e.V. (Germany)
  • Elan Interculturel (France)
  • Verein Multikulturell (Austria)
  • Folkuniversitetet, Stiftelsen kursverksamheten vid Uppsala Universitet (Sweden)

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Date of project: 01/02/2017 – 31/01/2019

DG of reference: DG Home Affairs – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), Priority 1: foster integration of migrant women

Contact: CESIE: