Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

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  • To motivate early school leavers to re-enter lifelong learning and preventing young people at risk to prematurely drop out of school or vocational education
  • To explore factors of preventing drop-out rates from school through digital storytelling and digital mapping
  • To enhance two key competences of early school leavers and those at risk of early school leaving: digital competence and communication competence
  • To raise awareness of the reasons of early school leaving and for the personal consequences of this decision
  • To pass on experiences from early school leavers to the next generation
  • Desk research on the results of projects funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme, of national projects and initiatives and of the results of the EU working group on early school leaving building on the stock of experience gained in fighting early school leaving
  • Identifying and recruiting 15-20 early school leavers, aged 16-25, and engages them in the piloting in each partner country
  • Implementing a five days transnational learning workshop being an important part of the adopted empowerment approach. In an informal learning setting, the young early school leavers share their life stories, i.e. their biographies which led to dropping out of the school system, and the consequences arising from this decision
  • Study: Telling digital stories to fight against Early School-Leaving
  • Learning module: How to tell a (life) story
  • Learning module: Media production skills
  • Learning module: Preventing early drop-out through digital stories and maps
  • Pilot documentation: Digital stories and maps in practice
  • Online exhibition of digital life stories
  • Publication: preventing early drop-out through digital stories and maps
  • Coordinator: Pistes-Solidaires (France)
  • “Die Berater” Unternehmensberatungs GmbH (Austria)
  • EUROGEO – European Association of Geographers (Belgium)
  • Rinova Limited (United Kingdom)
  • RIS – Research and Educational Centre Mansion Rakičan (Slovenia)
  • CESIE (Italy)

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Date of project: 01/09/2016 – 31/08/2018

DG of reference: DG EAC, National Agency (France), Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership for Adult Education